Larreta denied that Together for Change promotes the m …

“There is no party call of any kind, there may be people in a personal capacity,” said the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, during the press conference this afternoon
in their desire to detach from the march called for Monday by some of the leaders of Together for Change.

“I would prefer that it not happen, but we must respect the will of each one,” later reaffirmed the vice chief of government, Diego Santilli, on the position of the moderate wing of the opposition.

“We understand the uncertainty generated by these months of isolation and, of course, in the City we respect the rights to demonstrate. But, at this moment, we ask them to be very careful with distancing themselves,” said Larreta to get out of the way when faced with an uncomfortable question that revealed the intern of Together for Change in front of the call promoted from social networks under the hashtag # 17A and with the slogan “They will not shut us up, for the republic and freedom”

While the head of the Buenos Aires government tried to respond without further marking the internal differences and confront the sympathizers of his political space who will mobilize on Monday, a journalist reminded him that “Patricia Bullrich said she was going to attend.” Larreta interrupted him and asked to respect the order of questions of the conference and the query remained unanswered.

As in the Quinta de Olivos, together with President Alberto Fernández and Governor Axel Kicillof, at the beginning of the press conference at the head of government, Larreta differentiated himself from the tough wing of his political partners and stated that “our attitude it is to be able to open activities, recovering the freedoms that were restricted throughout the world, but knowing that we live with the virus “.

For his part, the deputy head of government and head of the Security portfolio assured that the mobilization will have “a strict security control” and recalled what happened in previous marches. On the one hand, he remarked that “they made themselves available to the Justice” to the three anti-quarantine-go-to “> attackers of the C5N mobile during the last anti-quarantine rally at the Obelisk and then he minimized the repression that occurred in the deconcentration of the demonstration by Santiago Maldonado
and Facundo Astudillo Castro at the beginning of the month.

“A demonstration that had ended in peace, to which other people later arrived,” was Santilli’s description of the repression that occurred on Sunday, August 2, which resulted in a déjà vú de the operations of the former Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich.
“After the march of Maldonado and Astudillo, people with anarchism flags appeared where they sprayed the police with alcohol, they had rubber bands and bolts,” it was Santilli’s argument
weeks ago.


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