Lassarti: Let's wait for the last hours to resolve the position of Shennawi .. And trust Lotfi


The coach Al-Ahly, Martin Lasarte, has confirmed that he is waiting for the last hour before the match between the young men of Al-Saoura at the end of the African Champions League groups to resolve the position of goalkeeper Mohammed Al- Shennawi.

Mohammed Al-Shennawi suffered a sprained ankle during the red game in Congo against Vita Club, with Ali Lutfi playing in his place and received the goal of defeat just minutes before the end of the game.

"We are waiting for the last moments to see the position of Shennawi, we still have 24 hours before the game, and the goalkeeper is improving significantly this time," he told the press conference.

Mohammed Al-Shennawi was included as a second goalkeeper in case he was not ready for the match due to the absence of a goalkeeper other than Lutfi.

Egyptian goalkeeper Ahmed Nagi pointed out that Mohamed Al Shennawi will sacrifice himself for Al Ahli and will join the injured list and sit on the bench in anticipation of the accident in the case of Lotfi.

"If Al-Shennawi was not ready, we would have confidence in the goalkeeper Ali Lutfi. He worked very hard in the past period and appeared well against Vita Club and was able to protect his goal.

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