Last minute: Cupra announced the date of arrival in Turkey

In April the Spanish brand in Turkey!

Spanish manufacturer Seat wants to increase its sales by renewing its product range in 2021. Over the years many models brand plans to bring to Turkey, C-segment hatchback model, the new model offensive began offering for sale in January, the fourth generation of Leonor.

Seat Sales Manager Seda Erdem Turkey, the Spanish brand’s future goals and talked brand new models will be offered for sale in Turkey.

Turkey’s sales in 2020 were sold between countries of the Seat brand started his speech by explaining that most increase the country Erdemir, Turkey’s growth this Seat is among the world’s most-sold to 10 countries, he said.

Noting that they will accelerate new model initiatives in 2021, Erdem stated that they aim to put the brand’s largest SUV model, Tarraco, for sale in the first quarter.

Erdem said, “Our SUV family will be completed with the Tarraco, which also has a 7-seat option. With the contribution of our new models, we aim to complete this year higher in terms of sales. In addition, we plan to introduce our new brand, Cupra. In the first place, the Cupra brand can be reached from five sales points. “We also aim to grow,” he said.


Seat Sales Manager Seda Erdem Turkey, the Seat Cupra models Formenter brought into its own brand in the first place he said they would meet with Turkish consumers.

Stating that Formentor will be launched with the 1.5 Eco TSI 150 hp DSG engine option, Erdem said that they will offer the Cupra Ateca and Cupra Leon models and the Cupra PHEV engine options on special order. Erdem Cupra brand in April they plan to meet with consumers in Turkey and announced they will start selling in the first Dogus Oto Maslak.


Emphasizing that they spend a lot of time to keep the price of the Leon model in the low SCT zone, Erdem said that if there is no increase in exchange rates, the SCT bracket of the vehicle will not increase.

Seda Erdem said, “Our aim here was to bring the Leon model to those who love this vehicle under the most favorable conditions and to start selling quickly. We are currently receiving a very intense demand for Leon. As long as the Euro rate remains at this level, Leon’s current engine and equipment options are 50 percent SCT However, our current prices are at the upper levels of the 50 percent slice, so when options such as 1.5 eTSI 150 bygir DSG come, they will be in the upper tax bracket.

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