Last minute: Expert name announced! Need a new vaccine for Omicron?

Need a new vaccine for Omicron?

Making evaluations about the Omicron variant and vaccination status, Prof. Dr. Turan stated that annual vaccination is also recommended for seasonal flu, and people had annual flu vaccinations before the Covid-19 epidemic.

Prof. Dr. Sema Turan


Stating that the flu virus has a variant and recurs every year, Turan said, “The situation here is the same as in the coronavirus epidemic. In this epidemic, the virus does not maintain its one-year process in the same way, unfortunately. Therefore, it is recommended to be vaccinated at frequent intervals so that people do not become seriously ill. Vaccination process. “The idea of ​​creating a vaccine against Omicron is also discussed in the world. There are initiatives by BioNTech and Moderna for this. They are trying for this. Everyone is trying to produce a vaccine suitable for the new variant. This is normal, because this is also the case in flu epidemics.” It was the same. Every year we would be vaccinated with a new vaccine against the flu. This is the case with Covid-19,” he said.


prof. Dr. Regarding the comments made about Omicron’s being the last variant in the coronavirus epidemic, Turan said, “This is the expectation of all of us. This is the expectation of the whole world. All the countries hope for this. “As Omicron causes less effective disease, I also say that vaccination has an effect on this. I think, but we see that ‘Omicron is infected quite fast because of the variant it is exposed to, but its replication in the lung is low. So it is less likely to infect the lung, compared to other variants. All this is ‘Is Omicron the last variant?’ “That’s why we say that this is the expectation of all of us,” he said.


prof. Dr. Turan also stated that it was the winter period and many people had the flu and said, “That’s why I think that the rate of vaccination was affected by these. Otherwise, I think people’s sensitivity to the vaccine is fine. As soon as we open the vaccines, our citizens apply for vaccinations and want to be vaccinated. Because this is a point we see very clearly. However, unvaccinated groups suffer from the disease no matter what variant it is. Due to the nature of Sars-Cov-2, the disease is very serious in unvaccinated individuals. It causes lung involvement. Even the patient can die. Therefore, I think vaccine sensitivity has developed among our people as well. People have seen this clearly. That’s why they get their vaccinations, but due to the high seasonal flu at this time, vaccination may have slowed down a bit. Because we do not say ‘get vaccinated’ when we are sick, we recommend waiting 2-3 weeks if there are symptoms of the disease, so that the disease picture will disappear. ” said.


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