Last Thursday! The celebrities of MasterChef Celebrity faced a difficult challenge

The program of Telefe Most watched by Argentines, he experiences moments of tension as the grand final approaches. After the elimination of Sofía Pachano on Wednesday, the celebrities who remained in the competition are The Polish, Claudia Villafañe and Analía Franchín. It is in this context that the judges of «MasterChef Celebrity» They assigned another challenge to the cooks competing for a million pesos.

The last Thursday of the gastronomic reality show found the participants more nervous than ever. Donato de Santis, German Martitegui and Damien Betular they announced to the participants the challenge of the night. “They will have three minutes to go to the market, 70 minutes to cook. On their counter to their right they have two cloths that cover ingredients and two boxes. As the 70 minutes pass we will tell them in order when they can approach each one of them to use them ”, announced Germán.

“The dish they have to make today is free, they can do whatever they want tied to the things they are going to find and the market,” continued Martitegui. The celebrities had to choose a free menu and they decided on very varied options among themselves. The only rule was to use all the ingredients that the chefs gave them as well as the utensils that were in the boxes which complicated the dishes they had thought about before opening the boxes.

Chefs moved from table to table to orient celebrities but in some cases they were more confused than they already were. With the presence of Dolli irigoyen as a guest of the night the judges tried to help the cooks to finish their dishes in a timely manner. Without a doubt one of the most complicated nights for the contestants of MasterChef.

The grand finale will be next Sunday where only two of the three contestants will fight for the first place in the Telefe kitchen. The celebrities who have left reality during the week have been Vicky xipolitakis and Sofia Pachano. Other personalities who have gone through the program have been Belu Lucius, Faith Bal, Boy Olmi, Iliana Calabró and The Kapanga Monkey.

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