Last year, the turnover of “Pampāli” increased by a fourth

Sweet The agricultural company SIA “Pampāļi” registered in the county increased its turnover by a quarter last year, reaching 8.02 million euros, according to “Lursoft “Customer portfolio” public information.

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The company’s profit has also grown, reaching 2.37 million euros after paying taxes instead of the previous 1.76 million euros.

In 2021, SIA “Pampāļi” produced 1089 t of winter rapeseed, 10329.5 t of grain, 10558.6 t of whole milk, 33.4 t of meat, as well as 7727.8 MWh of electricity and 10629.6 m3 of round wood.

“The company’s financial activity in 2021 was positively affected by the long-term strategic goals implemented, which resulted in an increase in production volume from one unit, as well as the development of additional auxiliary industries and an increase in the sales price of production,” reads the management report of SIA “Pampāļi”. The company has stated that it continues to actively invest financial resources in improving the material and technical base and raising the competence of employees.

Last year SIA “Pampāļi” was the employer of 126 employees. Last year, it paid 517.08 thousand euros in mandatory contributions to the state social insurance, and 257.50 thousand euros in personal income tax.

In the submitted management report, explaining the risks of the future development of SIA “Pampāļi”, the company stated, among other things, that it faces the availability of qualified labor and problems with the provision of housing stock in rural regions.

The company is owned by 141 private individuals, of which the largest shareholder and the only true beneficiary is Mārtiņš Valko (51%).

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