Latvia is introducing a lockdown. Shops, schools and bars will be closed

2021-10-19 08:50

2021-10-19 08:50

Lockdown is back in one of the EU countries.  Closed shops, schools and restaurants
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The Latvian government has introduced a lockdown across the country. Schools, shops and restaurants will be closed, the Prime Minister also announced a curfew. The restrictions are to stop the sharp increase in coronavirus infections.

The health care system in Latvia is under threat, the country’s prime minister Arturs Kriszjanis Karinsz said. The cause of the problems is the sharp increase in the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 disease. Therefore, the government in Riga made a decision about the introduction of a complete lockdown.

Lockdown in Latvia will last for nearly a month. From October 21 to November 15, shops, schools and restaurants will be closed. There will also be no mass events at that time. Only convenience stores will be opened. On the other hand, from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., it was introduced throughout the country Police hour.

The Latvian Prime Minister emphasized that after the lockdown, only those vaccinated against COVID-19 are expected to be eased.

“The decision was made for the sake of to low vaccination rates. The vaccination process did not go properly “- emphasized Prime Minister Arturs Kriszjanis Karinsz. In Latvia, the level of fully vaccinated people is 48% and is one of the lowest among European Union countries. Only Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania have a smaller percentage.


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