Latvia plans to establish a new international military base

RIGA, April 25 (LITA) – The Ministry of Defense is currently working on the establishment of another international military base in Latvia, Minister of Defense Artis Pabriks (Development / About) confirmed to LETA.

In a joint statement issued last week, the prime ministers of the Baltic states said that in order to ensure the continued presence of allied forces in the Baltic states, it would be necessary to provide three combat-ready divisions, one in each of the Baltic states, collectively. Defense and ability to integrate each country’s national armed forces.

Commenting on the statement, Pabriks told LETA that there was a “long way to go” before the deployment, but hoped that a decision would be taken at NATO’s summit in Madrid on a proposal by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to deploy troops. NATO battalion in each of the Baltic States.

“Only in the long run can we say that these brigades will develop into teams. I believe that no decisions on divisions will be made at this summit, the brigades will be thought of initially, ”Pabriks emphasized.

This means that the number of soldiers in Latvia will not be much higher than at present in the NATO battle group, but the difference is that the brigades have different capabilities.

“The brigade will have about 2,500 soldiers,” the minister added.

Latvia will also insist on the increased presence of US forces and increased military and financial assistance from the United States. In this regard, emphasis is placed on the capabilities of the army, for example, the United States may decide to deploy the Patriot air defense system in Latvia.

If the Allies decide at the summit to deploy additional forces in Latvia, investment in infrastructure will be needed. This means that it will be necessary to set up a new ground for international forces and a second international military base, as most of the Allied forces are currently based at Al-Azzazi.

Pabriks did not comment on the possible location of the new military base, but pointed out that there were several. The Ministry of Defense will choose the most economically advantageous place where military exercises can be organized.

It would not be Liepaja, although the Ministry of Defense would like to attract NATO funds for the development of the city’s military infrastructure.

Without denying that the establishment of a second military base would take a long time, the minister said that Allied soldiers could initially be housed in specially equipped tents. For some time before the barracks were erected, Canadian soldiers from Latvia’s NATO battle group also lived in the tents.

Pabriks also mentioned that a large contingent of 600 to 800 Danish soldiers is planned to arrive in Latvia. He did not say whether the Danes should stay in tents at the Ādaži base, adding that there are also options for deploying soldiers outside the Ādaži base.

“In any case, we will start deploying Allied troops outside Ādaži, so we need a new military base first and foremost,” Pabriks said.

As reported, the prime ministers of the Baltic states are urging the deployment of one battle-ready Allied division in each country.

The three prime ministers said in a joint statement that the forthcoming NATO summit in Madrid would seek to agree on a future NATO Strategic Concept and strengthen long-term deterrence and defense solutions for NATO and NATO’s eastern flank.

To prevent any possibility of aggression, the Baltic States need modern, durable defense solutions that require a greater presence of land, air and naval forces.

In order to ensure a permanent presence of the Allies in the Baltic States, three divisions of combat readiness are required, one in each of the Baltic States.

The Baltic states decided to further increase their defense budgets to at least 2.5% of GDP.

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