Latvia’s J. Ostapenko’s eyesore – the Wimbledon champion was called a “bitch” | Sports

In the semi-final match against the future champion Jelena Rybakina (WTA-6), whom the Latvian lost with the result 2:6, 4:6, the disgusting act of J. Ostapenko in the second set did not escape the eyes of internet users.

The latter had finally caught the rhythm of the game in the second set, but then the sky broke again in the capital of Italy – heavy rain poured down.

J.Rybakina emphasized to the referee of the tower that it is too dangerous to play in such conditions, but J.Ostapenko obviously did not want to stop the game, because the control of the meeting was in her hands.

The match was eventually stopped, and Latvia’s reaction to the rival’s complaints was shocking.

“Bitch,” muttered Ostapenko as she walked past the Wimbledon champion, adding a fat English swear word.

After the extension of the meeting, J.Rybakina representing Kazakhstan was already dominating the court, who said something to the referee after the duel, pointing her finger at Latvia.

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