Launch AMLO indicator of happiness and well-being

  • President López Obrador announced that it will launch its own indicator to measure development, happiness, well-being and inequality in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that it will launch its own “alternate indicator” to measure the happiness and well-being in Mexico.

After several months of public criticism of international indicators such as economic growth and even the measurement of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the Representative reported that it already prepares its own measurement to determine the development of the population and, also, the inequality.

“I am now working on an index to measure well-being, an alternative index to the so-called Gross Domestic Product, a new parameter, which is going to measure whether growth, but also welfare, and also degrees of social inequality,” he said.

“And another ingredient in this new parameter, in this new paradigm, the happiness of the people. You will not like to technocrats, but now you see that if you don’t like them maybe it is good for us. Is measured, there are countries where is measured the level of happiness and that is part of the well-being”.

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Although no details of a technical nature, explained that “the formula” is already in the process of development, based on a measurement system other than that it might even become a contribution to the world.

“The best thing we contribute also to have other parameters in the world, to be able to know if there is actually well-being because progress without justice is backward, this is not nothing more than to accumulate wealth and less if it is to accumulate wealth in a few hands,” he said.

“It is important to the distribution of income, distribution of wealth, that is to say, the well-being. Then, it is a contribution that we’re going to do.”

The Chief Executive said that it will consult ECLAC, and to summon econometristas, mathematicians, economists, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, and specialists, for the design of the indicator “alternative”.

“I’m going to do the approach, as it is said in the research models, the approach-problem, I’m going to pose the hypothesis, and we are going to develop, it is something new, an interesting contribution, thinking back to the new normal, we cannot continue living the same way”, he added.

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