Launch ‘Financial inclusion’ in Gujaba with new ATM

On Saturday 31 July, the official launch of Giralization ‘Financial Inclusion’ took place in Gujaba. The transformation from ‘cash to book-entry’ means that all payments and financial support to SOZAVO’s target groups will take place in the near future.

Those present included the President, Vice-President and the Ministers of Social Affairs (SOZAVO) and Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation.

Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran of SOZAVO indicated that within the recovery plan there are 16 measures that form the Social Safety Net. SOZAVO is in charge of 10 measures of which the 7th started today.

“Financial inclusion” was a wish of many before me, but today this government has made it a reality, because today the first step is being taken for the future,” said the minister. Before starting the transformation, the various benefits and financial support were increased twice within 1 year by the Santokhi-Brunswijk government. An inventory has also been made of the various payment arrears. The Ministry is working towards paying the arrears before the end of the year.

Ramsaran indicated that this project will bring many benefits in the future, including smooth and transparent payment processing, efficient services, freedom of choice, savings in operating costs, easy monitoring of payouts, secure payment method, economy and people can now also take credit.

In this project not only the target groups of SOZAVO will be included, but also the small entrepreneurs, including the hustlers, the market vendors, the boatswain, the podosiri seller and others who previously did not have a bank account.

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The SOZAVO minister thanked the president and vice-president, as well as the banking association and BNETS and congratulated the Surinamese society with this milestone, because the first step of “Financial inclusion” has been taken today. Together with the director of Social Affairs and Housing, Sentelia Melitia, the minister handed over four debit cards to the local community.

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