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A national support program for the care of children, adolescents and women living with HIV, for a period of 4 years with an estimated budget of FCfa 235 million for the first year, is drawn up by Senegal . The announcement was made yesterday by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Women, Family and Child Protection. Mame Gor Diouf made this known during the launch ceremony of National Women’s AIDS Week from January 25 to 31, 2023, at the Maison de la culture Douta Seck. The theme chosen for the 2023 edition is: “Equalizing for better management of the concerns of children and adolescents faced with HIV infection.” “The theme chosen this year by the United Nations is a call to action by governments to accelerate the response to HIV/AIDS. It’s about pushing for equality. It is a question of equalizing, but it is a question of further reducing the gaps and discriminations to ensure access to care for all infected people. But it is above all a question of accelerating the response in terms of improving prevention actions at the community level,” said Mame Gor Diouf.

“Today, less than one in two children is screened and treated for HIV. Out of nearly 4,000 children living with HIV in Senegal, we only have 1,446 who are receiving the treatment that will save their lives,” said the Executive Secretary of the National Council for the Fight against AIDS, Dr. Safiétou Thiam. She thinks that a few years before the 2030 deadline to end AIDS, the theme of Women’s AIDS Day encourages actors to mobilize more in order to reduce the enormous inequalities in prevention among young girls and adolescents. But also, she says, catching up on child care and eliminating mother-to-child transmission.

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As a prelude to the event, a forum, the results of which were shared on Thursday, brought together community relays, neighborhood delegates, imams… “In achieving 95-95-95, figures reporting poor performance indicate that 72% of PLHIV know their serological status compared to 35% for children, 87% of people living with HIV who know their serological status are on Arv treatment, compared to 31% for children, 79% of patients under Arv treatment have an undetectable viral load, compared to 17% for children”, reported Khady Diop Kounta, Focal Point at the Ministry of Women. Welcoming the efforts of the State, Soukèye Ndiaye, President of the National Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, asked for much more to meet the challenges faced with this disease which continues to wreak havoc.

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