Launch of TikTok inspired “For You” feed

From now on, Twitter users can switch between the “Following” tab, which is none other than the classic chronological feed made up of tweets from followed accounts, and the new “For You” tab.
A novelty which is reminiscent of the suggestions of the Chinese social network TikTok which continues to overshadow its competitors.

This continuous update is fed by an algorithm with tweets from accounts that would be likely to catch users’ attention.
This new option would also allow you to easily switch between the two tabs. Twitter Support says the rollout is on iOS first at this time.

The proposals are refined over time according to interactions, but also thanks to the option “This tweet does not interest me” which makes it possible to hide content and direct the algorithm accordingly.

Now, when users log in to Twitter, a new homepage split into two newsfeeds appears by default:
• The “For You” tab: Twitter recommends tweets, chosen by an algorithm, from people you don’t follow. You will also find tweets from accounts you already follow.
• The “Following” tab: Twitter offers you a classic chronological feed, which includes the tweets shared by the people you follow.

These two new tabs For You and Following replace the previous Home and Latest Tweets. As for the old icon which appears as a sparkling star located at the top right of the screen, it has been permanently removed.

As on TikTok, this new initiative proposes to host a continuous flow of content that is chosen according to what users already like and will be able to appreciate.

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The goal behind this deployment is first to stimulate user engagement by always offering them many new features in order to retain them by keeping them on the platform as long as possible.

Nobody knows if the Twitter algorithm is efficient and selective enough not to flood the user with content that is uninteresting for him or solely based on the actions of the people he follows on Twitter.

As a reminder, the “For You” feature is operational on iOS and the web version. It will also be deployed on Android in the very near future.

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