Laura Esquivel turns "Like the water for chocolate" in the trilogy

Laura Esquivel he is convinced that small personal decisions can change the world. And this was the message he wanted to bring to the young when he snatched the family from his acclaimed novel "Like water for chocolate"To turn it into a trilogy.

"What I wanted to share with these young people … is how we can live better," said Esquivel, who will present the novels with which he completed the trilogy. "Tita's diary" is "My black past", in Miami Book Fair. "The changes that happen in the world, if they are not accompanied by an internal change, nothing happens," he added.

"Like Water for Chocolate", published in 1989, has sold more than seven million copies and in 1992 was converted into a film of equally successful. The impulse for Esquivel to tell the story was precisely the young people who approached him with his book.

In 2016 he published "El diario de Tita", and this year "Mi negro pasado", a novel about the acceptance of the body and against the racial prejudice with which he wants to show "very small decisions, intimate acts in which change the world ".

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In addition to expanding its story on paper, Esquivel wants to bring it into new formats.

At the Consulate of Mexico in Miami, the author said that the three books will arrive on Broadway next year by the American producer Tom Hulce, and in 2020 they will also be staged by the Royal Ballet, in New York and London .

Likewise, he said he signed a contract to bring it to the small screen through Netflix, although there is still an release date.

At the same time, he works on screenwriting projects to bring his books "Malinche", "Tan Veloz como el deseo" and "A Lupita loved ironing" to the cinema. He said that they will be foreign productions in Mexico, but he did not offer other details.

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For Esquivel, these are not unknown lands since he began his career as a teacher and screenwriter before the publication of "Como agua para chocolate".

Dressed in a gray tunic that combined with her white hair, Esquivel read a fragment of "The Diary of Tita" to explain that the three books are joined by light, "invisible and untouchable and that all penetrates".

Although her books are interpreted by women and have a feminine vision, Esquivel has stated that she does not identify herself as a feminist, even if she seeks a balance between men and women because "everything works as a whole".

"It is with men that we can look for something," said the author of "The Book of Emotions".

The author noted that the current president-elect of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, proposed to be undersecretary of cultural diversity, but rejected the offer for the administrative burden that this entails. . However, he said he "fully trusted the proposal" of the next president.



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