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Laura Marling announces album ‘Song For Our Daughter’ and shares ‘Held Down’

Laura Marling has announced her new album ‘Song For Our Daughter’ — listen to the record’s latest single ‘Held Down’ below.

The musician shared details of the new record with her fans during her latest Instagram Live guitar lesson last night (April 5).

‘Song For Our Daughter’, Marling’s seventh album and the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Semper Femina’, will be released on April 10 via Partisan/Chrysalis. Marling has paired the album announcement with the song ‘Held Down’, which you can hear below.

In a written post shared on her Instagram, Marling explained her decision to release ‘Song For Our Daughter’ in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Marling said that she hadn’t intended to release the album until later this year, but she now “saw no reason to hold back on something that, at the very least, might entertain and, at its best, provide some sense of union”.

“It’s strange to watch the facade of our daily lives dissolve away, leaving only the essentials; those we love and our worry for them,” Marling said. “An album, stripped of everything that modernity and ownership does to it, is essentially a piece of me, and I’d like for you to have it.

“I’d like for you, perhaps, to hear a strange story about the fragmentary, nonsensical experience of trauma and an enduring quest to understand what it is to be a woman in this society. When I listen back to it now, it makes more sense to me than when I wrote it.

“My writing, as ever, was months, years, in front of my conscious mind. It was there all along, guiding me gently through the chaos of living.”

When speaking about the record earlier this year, Marling said she had been “thinking a lot about how I would arm the next generation in a way that I haven’t been armed”.

“But I was also thinking about trying to not write the same song that I’ve written over and over again for the last ten years,” she added. “That’s a good one to avoid.”


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