Laurynas Grigelis ends his career: “Dear in tennis, today is the day”

The 30-year-old tennis player currently occupies the 540th place in the ATP ranking, the highest position he has ever held – at 183, to which L. Grigelis had climbed in 2012.

After the Davis Cup tournament in Crete, the tennis player said, “Everything, the time has come for me to end my professional career. There were also very good moments, there were less good ones. But I carry very good memories, tennis has taught me a lot. In a word, I make a point in my professional career. True, I do not rule out the possibility of still running to the card in Davis Cup matches, of course, if the team captain will need me and I will be invited.

This is not a spontaneous decision. I’ve been thinking about it for the last three or four months. I’ve had a lot of injuries in the last two years, I can no longer train the way I did before. I can’t work the same loads. And this is necessary to maintain a high level and play for 30 weeks a year, ”said the tennis player about the reasons for leaving.

Valdo Kopūstas / 15min photo / Laurynas Grigelis

Gregel made his debut at the Davis Cup in 2008. He defended the honor of the Lithuanian national team 57 times.

“Dear tennis, today is the day I hoped will never come. It all started like a simple game when I was a little boy. Over time, it became the greatest passion, almost an addiction, a job, a big part of life. It will always stay that way, ”he wrote on Instagram L.Grigelis.

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In the farewell message, the athlete said that he always tried to be the best and achieve the set goals, and the desire to win will never disappear.

L.Grigelis wrote that he would start his coaching career.

“Today is the day I put on tennis shoes and put on a coach’s hat. I am very proud to say out loud that I am ready to share my many years of experience and knowledge with future students, ”the athlete revealed.

“Today is the day I end my professional career after an amazing 14 years on the world cards,” he added.

True, L. Grigelis left an intrigue – we can still see him on the cards with Lithuanian clothes.

“Because I am proud to be Lithuanian, my heart will always belong to this country. As a result, I will be forever ready to help Lithuania in the Davis Cup and give everything on the tennis court so that Lithuania wins again, ”the tennis player wrote.

According to ATP, Grigel earned $ 349,956 during his career.


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