Laurynas Grigelis says goodbye to big tennis – he finishes his professional career

True, I do not rule out the possibility of running to the cards in the Davis Cup matches, of course, if the captain of the team will need me and I will be invited, “L. Grigelis said in Crete.

“It simply came to our notice then. I’ve been thinking about it for the last three or four months. I’ve had a lot of injuries in the last two years, I can no longer train the way I used to. I can’t work the same loads.

And it is necessary to maintain a high level and play for 30 weeks a year, ”said the tennis player about the reasons for leaving.

Grigel also said goodbye to the fans on the instagram social network, but hinted that he could still help the national team in the Davis Cup fights.

“Today is the day that I wish she would never have come,” L. Grigelis wrote on instagram. – It all started with a simple game when I was a little boy. Over the years, it has become my greatest passion, almost obsession, serious work, an essential part of my life that will forever be a huge part of Me.

During all these years of our serious friendship, you have given me all your strength, power and control, discipline and education – that is why I have become the person and player I am today.

I really hope I was able to leave something more than what I achieved, something special for the game. I tried to be the best, to respect those I worked with, to achieve my goals. Although it wasn’t easy, especially when the desire to win and compete never disappeared. I don’t think it will go away …

Today is the day I put on tennis shoes and put on a coach’s hat. I am very proud to say out loud that I am ready to share my many years of experience and knowledge with future students.

Today is the day I retire from professional tennis after a long, amazing and exciting 14 years.

Because I am proud to be Lithuanian, my heart will always belong to this country. Having said that, I will always be ready to help my country and national team in the Davis Cup and give everything on the tennis court so that Lithuania will win again. “

A 30-year-old Klaipeda resident had risen to 183 ATP rankings.

L. Grigelis made his debut at the Davis Cup in 2008. He defended the honor of the Lithuanian national team 57 times.

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