Lavango invests in robotics solutions developer for food industry in Iceland | Business

According to the representatives of Lavango operating in Klaipeda, this investment transaction is a big step towards an even closer partnership with Samey, with which Lavango has intensively cooperated for the last 5 years in the production of food industry equipment designed by this team of specialists.

“We see that the food industry is experiencing a strong upswing today, on the one hand, and the great need to automate production as quickly as possible by reducing the number of unhealthy jobs and physical strain on workers, so we believe there can be no better time to shoulder.” says Yevgeny Sakovsky, the head of Lavango Engineering LT.

Company photo / Yevgeny Sakovsky, head of Lavango Engineering LT

The same team of engineers and IT specialists has exceptional experience in the field of industrial robotics. Their “horse”, according to J. Sakovsky, is the ability to use the maximum potential of robots by adapting it to many different tasks in production. This is why the robots they assemble and install in existing production processes are exceptionally efficient. They ensure all this by programming, installing and maintaining them remotely.

“Meanwhile, we are excellent at analyzing production processes, we are advanced in designing automated production lines for the food industry and in manufacturing these complex equipment, so we have been the samey technology partners for some time. The synergy is obvious, so it is not surprising that closer cooperation is very beneficial for both of us – we become even more competitive, because from now on we will be able to offer our customers complex solutions on even better terms than before, ”he says.

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The Icelandic company currently employs 22 highly qualified professionals. They provide robotics, design, installation and maintenance services. Interest in the company’s creative solutions is growing rapidly. Samey’s turnover is planned to reach 10 million this year. euros.

Meanwhile, the Lavango Group owns two production units in Lithuania and outside the European Union. The group has offices in Norway, Sweden and Eurasia. It has a total of more than 80 employees.

Turn – invested in high-tech competencies

For the group of companies, this investment transaction is a new stage of vertical strategic development and integration. Having previously invested in increasing production capacity and building an additional production workshop in Lithuania, this year for the first time it has invested in competencies in the field of high technologies. “If in the previous stages of development we grew the most to take on larger projects and implement them in terms that are attractive to the customer, we are now laying the foundations for being at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution with our advanced integrated manufacturing robotics and automation solutions. This year we are preparing to present one of our greatest inventions to the market – it will be a novelty in the global market. I believe that by working with Samey, we will make even more of a breakthrough in the food industry. We have already anticipated how the transfer of know-how between teams, the merging of competencies and at the same time the optimization of equipment design will take place, so that our customers will feel that qualitative leap quite quickly. And I think the whole market will hear about us more than once, ”says the head of Lavango Engineering LT.

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Representatives of the company reveal that further development strategy includes investments in brands recognized in the food industry. That is, companies or their products that develop complex, often patented technologies.

Lavango Group, which consists of Lavango Engineering LT, Lavango Engineering BY, Lavango Ehf and CTi Process, has been manufacturing conveyors, screw systems, lifting mechanisms, robotic packaging, refrigeration and heat treatment for more than 14 years. facilities and other equipment for the food industry. The Lithuanian capital company, which has two production units in Europe, supplies its solutions to twenty markets in Europe and Asia. Exports account for 90%. turnover. The company’s customers include international corporations such as Unilever, Mars, Viciunai Group, the world’s largest producer of surimi products, and many others. Lavango currently has over 80 employees.


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