Lavrov has reported risks to Europe because of the US intention to "bury" the INF – RT treaty in Russian


The intention of the United States to "bury" the treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range (INF) missiles creates new risks for Europe. This opinion was expressed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the meeting of the OSCE Council of Ministers in Milan.

Lavrov, in particular, noted that NATO's expansion to the east, the deployment of US anti-missile defense in Europe, as well as "illegitimate sanctions under false pretenses" have led to a crisis of confidence in the Euro-Atlantic.

"New risks are created in connection with the United States' intention to bury another international treaty – on medium and short range missiles", reports RIA Novosti.

He added that the foreign ministers of the CSTO countries in this regard adopted a special declaration.

Previously, Lavrov said the United States is pushing military activities along the Russian borders in Europe, adding that the security of European countries is becoming hostage to this policy.

On October 20, the United States announced plans to withdraw from the INF. The European Union has requested to preserve and strengthen the treaty.

The president of the Academy of Real Politics, an expert from the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, Vladimir Prokhvadilov, in an interview with NSN, evaluated the statement by the American leader Donald Trump on the plans for the States United to leave the INF Treaty.

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