‘Lawfare’, the old ‘invention’ of Podemos that stops the PSOE pact with Junts

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The effort to include in the amnesty causes that apparently have no direct relationship with the process has led the independence movement to intensify the use of the concept lawfare, which could be translated as judicial war. This maintains that the judicial investigations that they want to archive even though they do not offer a clear link with 1-O are, in reality, a reaction of the State through the judges to undermine the independence movement. And that in order to normalize the conflict that the amnesty aims to normalize, they must also be closed.

The thesis implies that there is a political motivation behind the investigations such as the one that has affected the leader of JuntsLaura Borras, sentenced to four and a half years in prison and 13 years of disqualification for having handed out public contracts to a close friend. Or the one that weighs on Gonzalo Boyelawyer of Carles Puigdemontto whom Antidrug asks in the National Court for almost 10 years in prison for trying to launder almost a million euros from the drug trafficking boss Miñanco site. He himself has defended the thesis that can free him from the bench: “The lawfare “It must enter the amnesty law, not because of the names but because of what it implies politically for Spain.”

The request to amnesty the clan would also enter this list. hill for tax fraud and money laundering, or Volhov case, where the alleged connections of the independence movement with the Kremlin are investigated. And the recent sentence of the Barcelona Court to four and a half years in prison for the former Minister of the Interior Michael Book for embezzlement, having appointed an advisor to a police squad who served as Carles Puigdemont’s escort when he fled Spain.

The term lawfarecoined in the 50s of the last century in the USA, comes from the words law (law) and warfare (war). In the United States he uses it constantly Donald Trump to attack the growing number of investigations that surround him. In Spain it has been used mainly by Podemos and its entourage, who have used the term to summarize what they consider a persecution of the State’s sewers to prevent its growth.

they would have been lawfare -to avoid anglicism, judicial persecution or instrumentalization of Justice is recommended- causes such as the theft of the cell phone card Dina Bousselhamcollaborator of Pablo Iglesias; the investigation into the founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero for his payments from the Chavista consulting firm Neurona and Podemos’s own orders to that Mexican society. The trickle of archives of these and other causes reinforces, in the opinion of the formation, the thesis that there was a hidden political intention.

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