“Lawyer Tam” refutes “Ma Ornapha”, confirming that there is a case number to file a lawsuit in Korea. I’m done doing my job.

“Lawyer Tom” Retorting the knot “Ma Ornapha” announced the knot of slapping the younger generation for refusing to eat crab. Confirmed that there is a case number reported in Korea He said he didn’t want to be a tool for anyone to be famous.

at 10:00 AM on December 1 at the Sittra Law Firm office on Sathorn Road Mr. Sitra Bianbangkerd “Tam Lawyer” expose the case “Horse Onnapha Kritsadee” Senior actors who came out to make a statement to clarify the issue of drama slapped a new star after refusing to eat crab together in Korea until a complaint was filed with the Korean police Ready to come out and admit that he really did it, but it was just using the palm to touch the face, not slapping and having an understanding adjustment.

Lawyer Tam revealed that he confirmed that there was a real prosecution. because there is a case number and a report in Korea But maybe it’s too late to prosecute? After the younger went out to the clubhouse and talked to the manager, who did not know if he had made any agreements after that, he did not know. He said that the whole country would be confused. Because everyone has already seen the clip, but if you want to claim to be touching, it is touching.

Lawyer Tam also revealed that But the Dara sisters came to see them first and said that no one had ever treated them like this. Just slapped quite hard to the point that his face trembled. And by the way, as a customer who doesn’t have a close relationship or is a child in the affiliate, he shouldn’t have done this. As for the case of the horse Onnapha, claiming that at the time of the incident it was cleared. It’s actually over. Including changing flights, not together? Which today, the male celebrity is going to appear on the program, why don’t you want to meet Na Ma Onnapha? Why don’t you want to leave the relationship together?


Lawyer Tam further revealed that in the case of a complaint and advice from the Thai side. Before, it was suggested that prosecution could be carried out both in Thailand and in Korea. And the youngest also said that he may prosecute in Korea, the police will actually arrest Ornapha’s horse, because Korea is serious about this matter. He suggested that he go and prosecute it. and keep the evidence in case it will be used in legal proceedings in the future prosecution in Thailand She went to speak in the clubhouse. He reprimanded the story of the youngster, scolding the person who helped or supported and followed the news in the comments. But back to protect those who hurt us. He was not satisfied. After that day, he did not want to talk to the younger ones again. Not that suddenly What will you do that you have consulted before? As for the first part, there was help to make the truth appear social, because what he posted there was a denial that he had not slapped, so the clip was brought to confirm.

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“Is it going well? He didn’t want to be a tool for anyone. And he was asked if he would come back to make a press conference or not. But the younger said that the nose was still not in place, waiting for the wound to heal first. As for whether he is hungry or not, ask him to look at the behavior for himself. About being dumped or eating dog food, you have to ask young Kanchai, he is considered to have completed his duty. That is, it’s over and I don’t want to be a tool for anyone,” said Lawyer Tam.

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