Lazio – Rome, the truth about the Hysaj contact

PRESS REVIEW – La Lazio beat Roma 3-2. From the triple whistle, however, there is only talk of controversy and alleged arbitration errors. Mourinho’s statements and the media echo shifted attention from the great performance offered by Sarri’s team. For 48 hours we only talk about the alleged penalty not assigned to Roma for the contact between Hysaj and Zaniolo with Pedro who scored the doubling in the course of the action. The explanation came in the video in which Guida explains to El Shaarawy that the Roma player was offside at the time of Cristante’s cross and that the contact with the Biancoceleste defender was not foul.

As underlined in an article by, lReferee Guida judged the contact not sufficient to assign the penalty to Roma. The same goes for Var Irrati who did not consider Hysaj’s intervention sufficiently clear to involve the famous “clear and evident” error, a necessary condition to modify a decision taken by the referee on the field. Basically, he preferred to trust the feeling he had live from Guida. But in second order it was also verified that Zaniolo was offside, albeit a few centimeters, at the time of the departure of the launch directed to him by Cristante (as in the still image Dazn).

The article continues and explains that if Irrati had judged Hysaj’s intervention as a foul, the referee could not have granted the penalty to Roma for Zaniolo’s offside. Lazio’s goal, again according to the Aia technicians interviewed by the newspaper, could have been canceled only if Irrati had assessed the intervention of the biancoceleste full-back as a foul and, analyzing the images and seeing the yellow and red 22 offside, would have recovered with a free kick for the Eagles from their own penalty area. In this case, we add, Sarri’s team would have suffered insult as well as damage. The problem, however, does not exist because, in addition to the starting offside which effectively cancels the action, both Guida and Irrati did not judge the contact between the two punishable with the maximum punishment. In a nutshell: game over to controversy

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Posted on 09/28

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