Lazio Successfully Beat Roma, Lucas Leiva Ledek Mourinho


ROMA – Lazio managed to beat AS Roma 3-2 in the sixth giornata Italian League 2021/2022. Lucas Leiva apparently used this moment to make fun of Jose Mourinho.

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The match titled Derby della Capitale took place at the Stadio Olimpico, Sunday (26/9/2021). Status as the host, Lazio was lucky enough to get full points.

Because, in that match Roma appeared more aggressive by scoring a total of 15 shots, of which nine of them were on goal.

This is why Leiva is very happy that Lazio can beat the neighboring team. However, the Brazilian midfielder was a bit too much in celebrating.

Leiva wrote a satire on his Twitter account after I Biancocelesti managed to tame I Lupi. The tweet didn’t actually point directly at Roma. However, netizens responded by judging it as directed at Mourinho.

He made a tease by uploading a crying emoji and three pears symbolizing the three goals Lazio scored into Roma’s goal.

Many speculated the tweet was directed at Mourinho after tasting his first defeat in the derby della Capitale. However, so far there has been no definite response from Leiva regarding its meaning.

It is undeniable that the Rome Derby was fierce and hot. The birth of seven yellow cards to prove it, including for Mourinho. This allegedly made the former Inter Milan coach annoyed. Moreover, Rome fell.


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