Le country des ombres, by Tristan Jordis: le banquet des spectres

Tristan Jordis Credit: Patrice Normand/Editions Stock

CRITICISM – What is immediately striking in this novel is its writing: evocative, powerful, carnal, because it is one with the text. We find the strength of observation that already existed in Crack.

A journey into the heart of darkness is what the narrator, Tristan, expects, who says it with a smile to his friend François, a little perplexed by this romantic idea but who risks taking him into the meanders of the fantasy. Which does not necessarily displease Tristan. This is his second trip to Senegal: for a debt to pay, unless it is an account to settle with himself.

From the first pages, we find the narrator in the night heading for Dakar. He joins Mansour, an old acquaintance. He had met him at the Porte de la Chapelle, in Paris, in that district known as la Goutte d’Or. Tristan Jordis then explored “the abyss of drug addiction»he had written Crack, a magnificent story that had the strength of a documentary and carried the weight of a disinherited humanity. The author was no longer this image reporter coming to do his job, but a man who stretched out his hand and preferred to tell with his pen. Mansour was one of those strong ties that…

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