Le Ducanu’s road to victory: 10 consecutive victories without losing a set of finals to win the dark horse battle_US Open

Original title: Le Ducanu won the championship: 10 consecutive victories without losing a set finals to win the dark horse battle

Sohu Sports News Beijing time on the morning of September 12, in the 2021 US Open women’s singles final, the strongest dark horse 18-year-old Le Ducanu defeated Fernandez 2-0, won the career’s first Grand Slam women’s singles championship. This year’s U.S. Open Le Ducanu played perfectly. He not only won 10 consecutive games from the qualifying rounds to win the cup, but also achieved a terrifying record of 20 consecutive wins in 10 games. He successively cut the Olympic gold medal, the French Open semi-finals and the super dark horse. Sack.

Le Ducanu won the Wild Card Grand Slam for the first time at Wimbledon. This time the U.S. Open was ranked 150th. He easily defeated Schofs in the first round 6-1/6-2 from the qualifying round, and in the second round. It was 6-3/7-5 that Polkwaze was eliminated. The opponent scored 5 points in the second set of the game. It was also the most points Le Ducanu lost in a set at the US Open. The final round of the qualifying round was It was 6-1/6-4 who easily eliminated Sherif and made it to the main match.

First round: 2-0 Voigler

Le Ducanu’s opponent in the first round was Swiss player Voigler. As American star Brady retired, Voigler was able to replace him as the lucky loser. The 31-year-old veteran made it to the third round at most in the Grand Slam. . In the first set, Leducanu broke serve first in the third game, but Voigler scored a 4-point break in the fourth game. After that, Leducanu finally got another chance in the sixth game and hit the break point. The bottom-line winning points, and then broke serve 6-2 in the eighth game to win the first set. In the second set, the break service scores were still tied 2-2 in the opening stage. Since then, Le Ducanu continued to attack his opponents. After breaking serve in the eighth game, the serve wins the game to resolve the break point and protect the serve, and win the second set 6-3. , The total score 2-0 wins and advances to the second round.

Second round: 2-0 Zhang Shuai (6-2/6-4)

Le Ducanu met China’s Golden Flower Zhang Shuai in the second round. The two played against Zhang Shuai in San Jose this season and won in two straight sets. When they met again, Le Ducanu maintained the recent strong upward momentum. Kanu won the game at the 40-0 break point. After 6 deuces in the fifth game, Le Ducanu broke again. After that, he won the first set with 6-2 consecutive guarantees. In the second set, Le Ducanu broke Zhang Shuai’s serve in the first game, and then continued to break to keep the score 4-0. After that, although Zhang Shuai completed a break, Le Ducanu held the second. With a break of serve advantage, he won the second set 6-4 and won the third round with a total score of 2-0.

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Third round: 2-0 Solives (6-0/6-1)

In the third round, Le Ducanu’s opponent was Spain’s Solives. The latter’s best record in the Grand Slam was in the third round. This year’s US Open performed well in the first two rounds, winning two consecutive rounds of Mukhova and Xie Shuwei. . In the first game, Le Ducanu quickly attacked his opponents. After the first game, Le Ducanu broke serve after wasting two break points for 5 deuces in the second game. After that, Le Ducanu made two breaks in the fourth and sixth innings. He broke serve, 6-0 to give the egg to win the first set. In the second set, Le Ducanu continued to maintain a strong impact. In the second and fourth innings, he broke serve twice, and even broke to maintain a 5-0 lead. It was also the first set of 11 consecutive wins, and the final 6- 1 To win the second set, the two sets only lost one game and swept to win.

Fourth round: 2-0 Rogers (6-2/6-1)

Le Ducanu’s opponent in the fourth round is the local star Rogers. The latter has twice reached the quarterfinals of the Grand Slam. The third round of the US Open was upset 2-1 and eliminated the world number one Batty out of the game. As soon as the first game came up, Rogers launched a strong impact in the cheer of the home audience, wasting three break points to win the first game, and in the second game he resolved the break points and secured a 2-0 lead. After that, Le Ducanu began to counterattack, saving two consecutive break points in the third game, and then broke three times in the fourth, sixth and eighth innings, sending the invisible egg 6-2 to win the first set. In the second set, Le Ducanu completely suppressed the opponent. The high-quality offense on the bottom line made the opponent’s strength advantage impossible to play. Le Ducanu broke the belt to maintain a 5-0 lead and completed an 11 winning streak from the first set. In the round, a big score of 6-1 won the second set, a total score of 2-0 won and advanced to the quarterfinals, refreshing the best record of a personal Grand Slam.

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Eight-finals: 2-0 Bencic (6-3/6-4)

Leducanu’s first Grand Slam quarter-finals ushered in strong opponents. He has twice reached the Grand Slam quarter-finals and has just won the Tokyo Olympic singles gold medal. Yataike was eliminated, at the best time, this game is also the first time Leducanu has encountered a TOP20 player in his career. In the first game, Bencic had a great momentum at the opening stage. In the first game, he got a continuous 40-0 break point and successfully fulfilled it. Then he secured a 2-0 lead in the second game. Afterwards, Bencic completed the lovegame in the fourth game. Leducanu survived the opening stage and began to counterattack. The second break point of the sixth game won the game, and then the eighth game completed the second time. He broke serve and kept breaking 6-3 to win the first set.

In the second set, Le Ducanu continued to maintain a stable performance, especially on the opponent’s break point. In the second game, he saved two break points and kept his serve. After that, Bencic was in the fifth game. The quality of the hair dropped, Le Ducanu shot a 4-2 lead with consecutive breaks. Bencic, who was lagging behind, was unable to break back. Leducanubao scored a 6-4 victory in the second set, winning 2-0 with a total score of 2-0 and advancing into the semi-finals, becoming the first to break into the U.S. Open four since the Open. Strong qualifier.

Semi-finals: 2-0 Sakari (6-1/6-4)

Le Ducanu ushered in Sakari, who performed well this season in the semifinals. The Greek star has a record of reaching the semifinals at the French Open. This year the US Open has played well all the way and eliminated the champion favorite Covey. Tova, Andrescu, and No. 4 seed Karp, reached the semifinals of the US Open for the first time. In the first game, Sakari made a strong impact in the first game of the game. After receiving consecutive serve and getting break points, Le Ducanu showed super ability to save break points. He saved three break points in a row and kept his serve in the second game. Zhong Sakari made many mistakes under his impetuous mood, and Le Ducanu took the lead in breaking serve to lead 2-0. Since then, Leducanu saved four break points in the third game, and Sakari became more impatient if he failed to break serve. Leducanu broke serve again in the fourth game and won the first set with 6-1 in a row.

In the second set, Sakari’s offensive power plummeted, and the game entered Le Ducanu’s rhythm again. In the third game, he won the game at 40-15 consecutive break points, and then wasted two breaks in the fifth game. In the seventh game, another five break points were wasted, but Sakari was unable to complete the counterattack. Leducanubao scored 6-4 to win the second set. The 18-year-old broke into the women’s singles final of the US Open and became the first qualifier to reach the Grand Slam final.

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Final: 2-0 Fernandez (6-4/6-3)

Le Ducanu entered the U.S. Open Women’s Singles final with a super dark horse, and the opponent in the final is also another super dark horse at this US Open. The 19-year-old Fernandez from Canada, the latter’s way to advancement is even more legendary. Defeated Naomi Osaka, Korbel, Svitolina, and Sabalenka, four favorites to win the championship, and reached the Grand Slam women’s singles final for the first time in his career. This game is also the US Open following the 17-year-old Serena and the 18-year-old in 1999. After the Hingis competed for the championship, it once again ushered in the finals of the youth reunion.

As soon as the first game came up, the two super dark horses did not have the slightest burden to let go and start the confrontation. In the second game, Le Ducanu took 10 minutes to waste 5 break points and then took the game. In the third game, Fernandez quickly counterattacked and was also close. After 10 minutes of fighting, the fourth break point was successfully fulfilled, and two consecutive games of wonderful confrontation quickly detonated the enthusiasm of the fans. Since then, their respective guards came to the end of the set. Le Ducanu got a break point in the tenth game. Fernandez lost the game after saving three points, and Le Ducanu won the first set 6-4.

In the second set, they broke serve and tied for 2-2 in the opening stage. Since then, Le Ducanu’s offensive has become stronger. After breaking in the sixth game, he kept serving a 5-3 lead. Fernandez failed to break back and was struck in the ninth game. In Ducanu’s serve win, two break point opportunities were wasted. Le Ducanu won the second set 6-3 with a total score of 2-0 to win the cup. From the first round of the qualifying round, Le Ducanu won the cup with 10 consecutive victories without losing a set, and won the championship in his second Grand Slam career. Le Ducanu created a dark horse myth and wrote a paragraph that belongs to him. The legend.Return to Sohu to see more


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