Le Matin – Paola Delfín, street artist: “This fresco is an invitation to better understand the feelings of each of us”

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Participating in the sixth “Jidar” street art meeting, the Mexican artist Paola Delfín created, at the level of the Moulay Ismaël boulevard in Rabat, a beautiful mural inspired by the Moroccan reference system. Through the portrait of a saleswoman in the market of the old medina of the capital, Paola invites us to think about living together. The international artist gives us the details of his project.

Le Matin: Can you tell us about your background?
Paola Delfin
: Since I was little, I have found in painting and drawing a magical way to be able to create my own world and tell my stories. So when I had to make the decision about my future, I understood that the path I had to follow was this: to continue doing what has always filled me and made me happy.
Growing up in Mexico City, where art abounds and has deep roots, I discovered the world of mural painting, which opened up a new dimension of possibilities for me in a work in which there is no not only my job, but also how to involve a different society and culture from mine, in every place I have had the opportunity to visit. It is extremely rewarding and that is why I have continued until today my career as a muralist as well as my personal work.

Why did you choose to do mural painting?
When I had the first experience of painting a fresco and seeing my work become part of a community, to be able to bring something with my works to each of these places, it pushed me to make the streets my cloth. Now I understand that my work becomes a kind of collaboration with every place and person that I have the opportunity to visit and create.

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What are the main themes in your creations?
Each work has a different story and is created at a different time, so the inspiration comes from a lot of different places, but I think it’s everywhere actually, in the environment, in the people, seeing how many talents and d imagination there is in the world.

What messages or stories do you like to convey through your art?
I try to ensure that my work touches on topics that can inspire and create personal reflection for each viewer, believing that these messages can impart strength and generate positive change.

What does Rabat inspire in you compared to other cities in the world that you have already visited?
It is the first time that I have the opportunity to paint in Africa. Morocco is an extraordinary place. Rabat has a unique mix between the past and the present, and therefore the future. There is cultural and natural beauty, and incredible diversity in the people who live there. I think inspiration comes from all of these aspects.

How does it feel to know that your art is shared with people from different regions and cultures?
It is a great gift to be able to do this, to be able to live with different cultures and mentalities and at the same time to be able to learn from each of them.

What are you presenting to “Jidar”?
My work deals with various subjects taking as protagonist a woman who works in the Medina, a scene which may seem relatively normal and common, but it is an invitation for us as humans to see a little beyond these. scenes. We all have a story, and both here and around the world, unfortunately many times people in these situations (street dwellers, vendors, old people) become invisible dwellers. I also touch on the subject of women in these situations. The protagonist is a destitute woman who lives and works in the old
Together with the neighbors, they have created a kind of family, in which, fortunately, one helps the other and thus they support each other. This fresco is an invitation, so that we understand better, as humans and community, the feelings of each of us, that we help each other and so together we can build a warmer and better present. future for the next generations.

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What messages would you like to share with the Moroccan public?
Hope, strength and empathy.

What is the project that has marked you the most during your career?
It’s a bit complicated to answer this question, because each project is unique to me and each moment it takes place is a part of my life that remains engraved in my being.

What are your projects in Morocco or elsewhere?
For now, it is the only project in Morocco, but I hope it will not be the last. Several projects are on the horizon, both in my country and abroad.

About the artist

Born in 1986 in Mexico, Paola Delfín creates monochrome frescoes in which realistic characters explore themes of community and heritage.
His work is mainly influenced by illustrations, organic forms and a mix of unusual materials. Before giving life to a white wall and making a story of it, it documents the history and culture of the place in which it is located, in particular by interfering in the lives of its inhabitants.


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