League 2 Week 8 Schedule: Jalan Persis Solo, PSCS Cilacap, and PSIM Yogyakarta to the Big 8

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here’s the schedule League 2 2021 week eight, two matchdays ahead of the last eight.

The remaining two weeks of the 2021 Liga 1 group stage are getting more and more interesting, especially from the group C inhabited Just Solo, PSIM Yogyakarta, PSCS Cilacap, PSG Pati, Persijap Jepara, and Hizbul Wathan (HW).

From the results of the eighth week, surprising results came from the top standings, Persis Solo, who lost to PSIM Yogyakarta.

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Persis Solo defender Eriyanto (right) walks while being embraced by a team of officials after the second half whistle sounded during the match against Persis Solo in the eighth week of Liga 2 2021-2022 at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Central Java, Monday (15/11/2021) ) night. In this Mataram derby, PSIM Yogyakarta managed to win narrowly with a score of 0-1 (0-0) thanks to Sugeng Efendi’s goal (51′). Tribunnews/Muhammad Nursina (Tribunnews/Muhammad Nursina)

The Mataram derby, as the match was called for the two teams, was won by PSIm with a narrow score of 0-1.

The defeat became a prime defeat Laskar Sambernyawa, the nickname Exactly this season.

Not only that, the defeat made the situation in Group C to qualify for the round of 8 increasingly fierce.

PSIM Yogyakarta succeeded in coupling the position PSCS Cilacap who sits in second place following a goalless draw from Hizbul Wathan.

This time, Just Solo collected 17 points, followed PSIM Yogyakarta (13), and PSCS Cilacap (13) ranked 3.

Not only the competition to qualify for the last eight League 2, but also which team will be relegated, between Persijap, PSG Pati, and Hizbul Wathan.

For Persijap Jepara, it is certain that they will survive in League 2 next season.

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