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League of Legends fallen for second consecutive day and Twitter explodes with memes

League of Legends It is, without a doubt, the most popular game in the entire world. And the current situation in the world, where many governments have asked the population to stay in their homes, has only increased the popularity and the number of people playing MOBA at Riot Games. But of course, so many people in a given time end up causing the servers to collapse.

And that has happened, on two consecutive days, League of Legends servers and all other Riot Games games (Legends of Runeterra and, from today, Valorant), they have suffered the same nonsense. As always, there are people who take it wrong and believe that it is a shame that something like this happens.

However, there is many other summoners who have decided to hang out by uploading memes to Twitter, before they can go back to their Ranked, Custom, or whatever they do in Riot Games.

Here is a compilation of the best memes of the fall of League of Legends that emerged on Twitter:

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