“League of Legends” turn-based RPG spinoff “League of Legends: Fallen Kings” landed on console and PC

League Side Story: The Fallen King

Who would have thought that Riot Forge’s long-prepared “League of Legends” turn-based RPG spinoff “League of Legends: Fallen Kings” landed on the console and PC platforms suddenly this morning. Players of PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, Steam, GOG and Epic Games can already buy the game for US$30. Among them, there is only a downward compatible version on the new generation of consoles, but the official has confirmed that the PS4 version can be upgraded to the PS5 digital version for free in the future, and Xbox players can also play the Xbox One version and the Xbox Series X/S that will be launched in the future. Version.

“The Fallen King” is developed by Airship Syndicate studio. In this immersive RPG work, players will control a team of characters in “LoL”, freely match the lineup, and explore Bilgewater and Shadow Island and “Experience the unique battle line system.” In addition to “The Fallen King”, the previously announced horizontal version of the game “League of Legends: Hex Disorder” will also land on Switch and PC today. In the future, it will also be launched on the Netflix game platform for free and open to subscribers.

It is worth mentioning that, taking advantage of the opportunity of launching a new game, Riot Forge also announced that the other two “League of Legends” rumored games “Aggregation” and “Song of Nunu” will meet with players in 2022. In addition, they also revealed that a new game set in Demacia is also in development.

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