League of Nations: Portugal trembles with poor performance to the group victory


In Group A3 of the League of Nations, Italy played Portugal on Saturday. Italy has every chance of winning the game – but has remained at 0: 0.

  • The international match Italy against Portugal took place on Saturday at 8.15pm,
  • With a draw, Portugal could win the group victory against Italy.
  • The teams separated 0-0.

Italy – Portugal 0: 0 (0: 0), in Milan


Donnarumma – Biraghi – Chiellini – Bonucci – Florencei – Barella – Jorginho – Verratti – Insigne – Building – Church


Patrício – Cancelo – Source – Slides – Rui – William – Neves – Pizzi – Bruma – A. Silva – B. Silva




Danny Makkelie (Netherlands)

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Conclusion for the Italy vs Portugal match in the UEFA Nations League

After Italy dominated the first half, Portugal arrived at times during the second half at stake. However, there was a short stamina, so the 0-0 final score remains a flattering result for the Portuguese performance on that day. With his weakness in the conclusion, the Italian team proved particularly at ease. Control over gaming has led to some opportunities that have remained unused.

The draw is enough for Portugal to secure first place in Group A3. It is clear that Portugal is approaching the next round of the UEFA Nations League, while Italy has lost this opportunity. The third place in the ranking, and therefore the degree of relegation, is occupied by Poland in this group.

Italy vs Portugal: the live ticker to read

90th minute + 4: final whistle in Italy against Portugal, remains in a 0-0, which does not reflect the superiority of Italy.

90th minute + 2: After the corner is a header on goal, but directly on the goalkeeper Patrício, who has no problems with it.

90th minute + 1: Italy launches everything forward again and takes a corner.

89th minute: Change in Portugal: Silva goes and for him now Pereira comes into play

87th minute: Italy arrives again in the penalty area and tries by any means to bring the ball to the gate – in this attempt without success

87th minute: Change in Italy: Church starts, but Berardi takes over.

85 ° minute: Change in Portugal: Bruma comes out and Guerreiro enters

84th minute: Rui and Church clash in a duel, Church writhing on the ground. A grip on the face of the Italian had triggered the accident, but it is not punished with a card.

83 minutes: Again, an Italian falls into the penalty area and again there has been no foreign influence.

82nd minute: Portugal pushes the ball into their ranks, but it does not seem that the Rossi are looking for victory.

81 minutes: Wechel Italia: Verrathi exits and Pellegrini enters.

79th minute: Foul is called against Chiellini. The Italian had kept his opponent.

Great opportunity for Portugal – Italy suddenly under pressure

76. Minuto: Donnarumma holds up with a brilliant save that saves the Italian goal! Carvalho tested the goalkeeper with a shot in the lower right corner.

75th minute: Italy has lost its superiority in less than ten minutes. Suddenly, Portugal is now on the trigger.

74th minute: Change in Italy: Immobile goes and Lasagna comes into play.

74th minute: Suddenly, Portugal is back: passing in the penalty area and a shot from close range is dangerous in the direction of the goal.

73th minute: Yellow card against Bonucci: the referee had the advantage and later showed the card to the Italian.

71st minute: Bruma fights a long ball game in the running duel, but he finds himself without the support of Italian superiority. The attack fades.

70th minute: A free kick for Portugal is played by Rui, who is at the corner of the box and is clearly missing.

69th minute: Portugal has started to worry a lot sooner. Italy is suddenly in possession of pressure.

68th minute: First change of play: Pizzi leaves the field, for him Mario comes into play.

64th minute: Portugal will be a bit dangerous for the first time in the second half. Rui snaps forward, holds back from a distance and shoots directly at his opponent.

61st minute: After winning the ball on the right, the Church advances and leaves for Barella. Bring the ball to the side in front of the door and find again in the box no Italian as a customer.

59th minute: We are experiencing a rare sight in this match, as Portugal is attacking and losing the ball shortly thereafter without scoring a goal.

57th minute: Once again a chance for the hosts: Church enters the box, takes the ball in the barrel, but a Portuguese foot can clear up.

It is becoming more difficult in Italy against Portugal

54th minute: the first warning against Italy passes to Jorginho, who also sees the yellow for a foul.

53 minutes: Cancelo sees on the Portuguese side yellow.

53 minutes: The game is very reminiscent of the first half, given that Portugal is still in permanent defense.

51st minute: Another threat from Italy before the Portuguese goal, but Insigne can no longer accept the ball correctly.

Minute: Church enters the penalty area for the shot, which is deflected right next to the goal!

48th minute: The referee whistles a foul on Cancelo. He voted too angry against an Italian attack.

47 minutes: The assistant decides the offside in Italy of Insigne. The Blues were again the first to go on.

46th minute: Beginning of the second half: Portugal continues to draw the group, Italy must win.

At the end of the first half is 0-0 in Italy – Portugal

Conclusion at the end of the first half: With few exceptions, Portugal was completely canceled in the first half. Italy was able to stifle any forward push of the opponent and settle for long stretches of the previous match in the opposite half. The owner is missing only someone who transforms the superiority in the square into something countable

45th minute: Italy now takes the ball into the area several times without anyone being there to score a goal.

45th minute: Once again an Italian attack stops in the last meters. Portugal is so close to the penalty area that it is difficult to overcome.

44th minute: A small chance for Portugal is the result of free kick. Pizzi finds a teammate with a long cross, but the header misses the goal.

43th minute: Now there is also a whistle against Italy, because Florenzi had too high a leg.

42nd minute: Biraghi launches the punishment and remains hanging on the wall.

41st minute: Barella suffers a foul just a few meters from the penalty area of ​​Portugal. It is a dangerous distance from punishment.

40th minute: Foul on Chiellini, while Italy remains in the forward thrust. Portugal has accumulated many fouls in a short time.

Hot phase in Italy against Portugal – Fouls and big chances

36 minutes: perhaps the greatest chance of the game is now Italy. A header from Bonucci after the free-kick goes dangerously close to the goal.

35 minutes: The next yellow card goes also to Portugal, to Mario Rui, who clearly made a foul to his opponent.

34 minutes: Insigne falls in the area, no penalty, says the referee! The Italian had previously dribbled spectacularly on the line in the box.

32 minutes: Barella is injured on the ground after a foul for which Neves sees the yellow card.

31 minutes: The public becomes audaciously impatient. The home team has not finally brought anything out of the oppressive superiority.

29 minutes: The possession remains almost entirely in Italy. Only the last passage is missing, the final defense series breaks.

26 minutes: There is still a countable result, but Portugal can hardly get out of their own half and leave the game to the Italians.

Biraghi (Italy) is back in the penalty area: no penalty

25. Minute: Biraghi enters the current duel in the penalty area by chance. A real foul was not recognizable, but the referee does not recognize a swallow.

23 minutes: Jorginho gets too much space from the Portuguese backcountry and gets to the cross, but no Italian can use them.

20 minutes: Portugal is close to its penalty area. Italy has a lot of space to combine – similar to the initial phase – and is waiting for a gap.

18th minute: The defense of Portugal can be taken by surprise on the right side. Barella's side but goes too far and can not find buyers.

17th minute: A corner for Italy can clarify Portugal. Blue remains in possession and leaves the ball safely in trouble.

15 minutes: In the initial phase, Italy was extraordinarily superior. After the first shot on goal but Portugal is suddenly completely in play and dangerous.

14th minute: Cancelon delivers the ball flat from the right to the box and Italy has to make room at the corner. For the second time, the defense was put under pressure by a quick push.

Portugal is suddenly at stake against Italy

11th minute: Bruma arrives in dangerous area for the shot: suddenly Portugal is the first time in front and just in time is an Italian foot in the way.

10 minutes: A deviated cross of Church forces the goalkeeper of Portugal to intervene.

9 minutes: Portugal is not in possession of the ball. Italy can catch the ball in the opposing half again.

7th minute: Italy remains on the trigger: Immobile can not find a first-choice goalie right in front of the goal, but Florenzi can then keep him from the penalty area again – for the moment without success.

6th minute: The goalkeeper must be treated because he put his knee to his chin in the heat of the moment. After a short pause, continue.

First thick opportunity for Italy – Portugal in defense

5 minutes: possibility for Italy! A strong shot just outside the box limits Patrício to a parade.

3rd minute: Italy puts pressure and provokes an error in the passing game of the Portuguese. Patrício must beat the ball in the back to clear the situation.

2nd minute: L & # 39; Italy makes the ball turn and arrives at the second attempt in the penalty area. Fortunately for Portugal that no degree has yet to come out.

1 minute: the ball rolls in Italy against Portugal, the guests have offense.

20.45 clock: Only the page selection separates us from the impulse.

20.40 clock: The Giuseppe Meazza stadium is sold out for the League match in the Nations League. Before the hymns, there is still the official tribute to Giorgio Chiellini, who completed his 100th international match.

+++ A look at the lists reveals it already, but should be repeated separately: Cristiano Ronaldo today it does not run on the side of Portugal. Takes an international break at the UEFA Nations League Day.

+++ The party is led by the Dutch referee Danny Makkelie. His assistants are Mario Diks and Hessel Steegstra.

+++ Before the start of the UEFA Nations League, Italy and Portugal met for the last time in an international match on 16 June 2015. Portugal won 1-0. At that time, more than seven years had passed since the two teams had faced each other in front of each other. L & # 39; year 2008 currently marks the year when Italy last international match against Portugal he retracted.

+++ there Giorgio Chiellini It will be its 100th international appearance today for Italy. In addition, the date is special: Chiellini has been authorized to make his debut in the Italian national team just 14 years ago. Perhaps the disk distracts him from the tremendous photographic problem, in which he was photographed in the cabin at the wrong time.

Formations for Italy – Portugal in the League of Nations

Formations for the Italy and Portugal meeting are now published. Here's how the initial formations appear on both sides:

Italy: Donnarumma – Biraghi – Chiellini – Bonucci – Florencei – Barella – Jorginho – Verratti – Insigne – Building – Church

Portugal: Patrício – Cancelo – Source – Slides – Rui – William – Neves – Pizzi – Bruma – A. Silva – B. Silva

+++ If there is a favored role tonight, it is more likely to be Portugal – if only because the Portuguese have won their first 1-0 UEFA Champions League first leg. However, there is a statistic that should make Italy brave: the team has not lost in the last 11 games on Italian soil. The last international defeat in their country was in 2016.

+++ If you have time to enjoy the game comfortably, you can do it tonight in a live stream. A TV broadcast, however, does not exist in Germany. on tz.de * find information on the transmission of Italy – Portugal in the live stream.

+++ Hello and welcome to our live ticker of Duel Italy vs Portugal in the Nations League!

Preliminary report: Italy against Portugal today from 20.45 of the live ticker

In the Giuseppe Meazza stadium, the decision in the A3 group could fall on this Saturday night, because if the European champion of Portugal does not leave the loser four times world champion, he would place the first place prematurely and then a place in the "Final Four" of Nations League 2018/19 secure (tz.de * explains the modalities and rules of the new competition). The third team of Group A3, the team from Poland, is already determined to retreat to division B.








4: 2









2: 2

± 0








3: 5



Italy and Portugal decide on progress in the League of Nations

The starting position is clear: Portugal draws the tie of the A3 group. Italy, however, would have surpassed the Portuguese in its success and would have Tuesday hope for Polish Schützenhilfe against the European champion (tz.de * shows the League of Nations program).

So far, Italy and Portugal have met 26 times. Of these duels, the Squadra Azzurra 18 won, only six times was the Portuguese as the winner of the field (in two draws). The goal difference is 51:23 for Italy. The first stage, however, won the European champion of the Iberian peninsula for 1-0 (goal by Andre Silva).

The other matches of the League of Nations on Saturday



6 pm

Turkey – Sweden

0: 1 (0: 0)



3 pm

Serbia – Montenegro

2: 1 (2: 0)



20.45 clock

Albania – Scotland

0: 4 (0: 2)



20.45 clock

Romania – Lithuania

3: 0 (1: 0)



6 pm

azerbaijan – Faroe Islands

2: 0 (2: 0)



6 pm

Malta – Kosovo

0: 5 (0: 1)


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