leak of news from Fdi, so the reports have become “non-existent” – Libero Quotidiano

Relations between the Lega and the Brothers of Italy would have cracked to the point of becoming “non-existent”. This is what is reported by Affaritaliani.it, which cites the party’s leading sources Giorgia Meloni according to which between the latter and Matteo Salvini there was no contact after what happened on the Rai board of directors. Fdi, which is the only political force in the opposition of the government chaired by Mario Draghi, it was in fact wiped out from the top of the state TV.

“Not only did they not meet – we read on affaritaliani.it – but between the two now former sovereign leaders there was not even a phone call or a text message or a Whatsapp message. Nothing, zero “. The only contacts between allies would have occurred sporadically between Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi, obviously on the telephone. From Forza Italia they let it be known that the center-right is in a phase of “positioning”, of “tactical guerrilla”, but that in the end we will arrive at the political elections all united for one goal.

But in the meantime the relations between the Lega and the Fdi are almost non-existent. The sources of affaritaliani.it they let it be known that from Fdi they underline how Salvini is an “ally of the Democratic Party while he is making war on us”, while from via Bellerio they reply that “Meloni was afraid and chose the easier way, instead of helping us to stem the 5 Stars and above all the Pd “.

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