Leaked pictures of Saad Lamjarred’s prison in France.. You will not believe how he lives.. Watch

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 11:42 pm – Some Arab media outlets published pictures of the Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred’s imprisonment in France, after he was sentenced to 6 years in prison in the case of rape of a girl.

Saad is serving his sentence in L’Antiye prison in the French capital, Paris, which was built in 1861 and can hold about 1,000 prisoners.

Reports indicated that Saad spends his time between praying and reading the Qur’an, and his wife visits him continuously to raise his spirits.

On Friday evening, November 24, the Paris Criminal Court sentenced Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred to 6 years in prison, on conviction of raping and beating a young woman in a hotel room in the French capital in October 2016 and preventing him from entering France.

And the trial session of the artist, Saad Lamjarred, began in the case of the rape of a French girl under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The judge asked his wife an embarrassing question about Saad having an extramarital affair with her, to reply that she had known him since 2011, and had lived with him in the same house, stressing that he respected women.

Saad Lamjarred’s case returns after he was accused in 2016 of raping a young French woman, Laura Priolle, when she was twenty years old. Laura indicates that she followed Lamjarred and two of his friends to a night, after they met inside a nightclub, and at the end of the evening during which they consumed a large amount of alcohol and cocaine, she accompanied Lamjarred to his room in the hotel where he was staying, where he deliberately beat, physically assaulted and raped her, Which he denied simply categorically denied.

Saad Lamjarred’s latest work:

It is noteworthy that the artist Saad Lamjarred recently released the song “From the First Minute”, in cooperation with the artist Elisa, which has achieved great success since its launch on YouTube, as it achieved 300 million views.

Leaked pictures of Saad Lamjarred's prison in France.. You will not believe how he lives.. Watch

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