Technology Leaked: PlayStation 5 DualSense controller goes way too far

Leaked: PlayStation 5 DualSense controller goes way too far

A developer may be talking past his mouth saying that the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller provides raindrops as haptic feedback. Wait, wait ?!

After the official announcement of the PlayStation 5 DualSense, we know that the controller will receive haptic feedback. Sony is committed to making gaming, partly through the controller, as immersive as possible. But an interview with a game developer suggests that the PlayStation 5 maker goes very far in this technology. And that could have unpleasant consequences.

Haptic feedback 2.0

The reveal of the DualSense was accompanied by a striking example of haptic feedback. When you drive through mud with one side of the car and the other with the road, you can feel it. The controller gives you specific tactile feedback. Now British game developer Mike Bitchell suggests that Sony goes a step further than big contrasts like mud and asphalt. How about rain?

Feel the rain?

In a podcast with former IGN editor Alanah Pearce, Bitchell may go a little too far. The gamers talk about how the PlayStation 5 will soon simulate raindrops. For example, instead of a simple audio file with rain sounds, the previously unveiled Unreal Engine 5 could literally handle every drop individually.

Then you see Bitchell typing something passionately on his PC, as Eggplante spots. He says “I am looking on Google to see if something has already been announced or not.” In other words, he checks whether he does not violate any NDA (non-disclosure agreement, confidentiality agreement, ed.). Information about the dev kit of the PlayStation 5 or DualSense controller is of course strictly forbidden.

After appearing to be sure he is not breaking a contract, he suggests to the other developer that the DualSense is going to give absurdly detailed haptic feedback in the form of rain. How the hell would that feel? And more importantly, does this add anything?

Goodbye, battery

As announced, the DualSense also gets a rechargeable battery. That’s nice because you can play wirelessly, but I see that infamous pop-up again appear on my screen: “battery level low”. You get that when the controller has to vibrate furiously. Especially when you’re in the middle of a gunfight, a grenade explodes next to you, a helicopter flies over, it rains and your character leaves a little shadow. All that costs battery.

And besides that craziness, it is of course not really imaginable how rain would translate into vibrations. In a quiet exploration game I can imagine something more, but in most cases you will not notice it?

Regardless, it has not yet been confirmed that Sony will indeed incorporate this into the DualSense. If they do, developers are likely to have the freedom to use that feature or not. Ultimately, we will reportedly have to wait until November before we finally have the controller in our hands and can feel the raindrops for ourselves.

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