leakers reveal good and bad news

We’ve already passed the first quarter of 2021, with no sign of GTA 6. It seems very likely that Rockstar Games wants to bring GTA 5 to the next-gen consoles first, before official news of the inevitable successor is revealed.

Nevertheless, the rumor mill has been running at full speed for years. With a production of this size, it is unavoidable that details will leak out sooner or later.

GTA 6 rumors

Despite how tightly the developer is on top of it. When it comes to the sequel to the world’s most lucrative game, there’s no getting started.

The tricky part is that there are also a lot of nonsense rumors circulating. What is real and what is not? That is an issue that fans have been dealing with for years. Until Rockstar Games itself unveils Grand Theft Auto VI we will report any rumor or suspected leak with a good grain of salt. However reliable.

Smoke and mirrors

At the end of March came the reputed leaker Tom Henderson with an update. According to him, the lion’s share of all GTA 6 rumors is complete nonsense. Smoke and mirrors, as he aptly summarizes it in a playful tweet:

He is specifically referring to Project Americas, the name of the leaked plans for the game. What those plans entail exactly you can read in this article. But beware, if we are one of the more reliable figures in the scene having to believe the vast majority is pure nonsense.

Leaked plans and good news

A big setback for the fans, but luckily / unfortunately the following is on leak again at the door. A dubious new rumor circulated within the Grand Theft Auto community last week.

On forum 4Chan, an anonymous poster, claiming to work at Rockstar Games, shared the alleged plans for GTA 6.

According to him, the developer is about to reveal the game for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. He even claims that he will soon be proved right, because Rockstar would even have a press release ready.

Six cities

The alleged employee reveals that Rockstar has never stopped developing GTA, describing an ambitious game of unprecedented scale.

According to him, the Project Americas leak is correct in that GTA 6 will cover five states and five or six cities. In addition to Liberty City, he does not mention any other names, but because the leaker that ‘obvious’ Vice City, Los Santos and San Fierro seem obvious.

GTA Online is going to the next level

Yes, the maps from old games are returning as part of a mega-map that should serve as the basis for the future of GTA Online. A platform that can be built on in the coming years or even decades. The current very lucrative GTA Online, but then next level.

He emphasizes what has been in previous interviews with Rockstar Games and leaks came along: GTA Online and the single-player side of Grand Theft Auto will merge. One continuous experience.

Quick update

Below you can read his story for yourself thanks to a screenshot of attentive forum members. However, do pick up a salt shaker, because it does not provide proof. Practically any Grand Theft Auto fan could put this story together.

Anyway, just be patient, if we have to believe the best man, we will soon find out whether he is right or not. Let’s hope so, because especially with the pandemic we can use GTA 6 well!

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The alleged leak (Screenshot: 4Chan)

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GTA 6 plans leaked: leakers reveal good and bad news

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