Leaks of Acting Governor of DKI Substitute Anies from Ma’ruf Amin


Vice President (Vice President) KH Ma’ruf Amin give a leak about the figure who will become the replacement Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan. According to Ma’ruf, the replacement for Anies that the government will choose is someone who can fully understand Jakarta.

“I think it already has regulations like other regions, right, yesterday Banten, Bangka Belitung, then where else, Aceh, it has been running,” Ma’ruf told reporters at the Pontianak Convention Center, West Kalimantan, Thursday ( 22/9/2022).

“In the next period, several regions, including DKI. I think the process will be the same. It’s like that,” he continued.



Ma’ruf said there were already rules and mechanisms in the election of the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta to replace Anies Baswedan. However, he stressed, the government will certainly choose a person who has competence in leading DKI Jakarta.

“Of course the government will choose people who can understand Jakarta, people who have worked in Jakarta, and know exactly about Jakarta. We hope that who this person will be to continue to 2024, of course people don’t know Jakarta,” he said.

“If you don’t know Jakarta, it will be difficult, maybe that and the process as usual, through the determination,” he continued.

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