Leaks of how the police fined violators in the 2022 Zebra Operation Raid which will be carried out starting tomorrow

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Leaked how the police fined violators in the 2022 raid Operation Zebra

MOTOR Plus-online.com – Get ready to hit raid Operation Zebra 2022, which will be held with prosecution of violators differently than usual.

Police way leak ticket violators in raid Operation Zebra 2022, which will start tomorrow, will be held simultaneously.

As known raid Operation Zebra 2022 will be held for two weeks from 3-16 October 2022.

Police Headquarters Inspector General. Pol. Firman Shantyabudi told the police how to take action against traffic violators.

“Making a ticket or not, it is within the authority of members based on the law, namely discretion. So we don’t have to ticket people, just say, ‘Ma’am, don’t violate it again, okay?’, said Firman, Friday (30/9), quoted from the official Polri website via Kompas.tv.

“Our mindset must be changed, that this policeman is not a scary person. It’s not the ticket that we want to pursue, but how the society is orderly. Order is for the benefit of all of us together, “added Firman.

As is Operation Zebra 2022, the National Police hopes that people can be more orderly in driving.

“Our officers, the traffic police, are there to help the community, not to give tickets, please, this is the education,” explained the Head of Traffic Police further.

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Violation Targeted Operation Zebra Jaya 2022

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