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Learn about Messi’s marketing value after the President of Zamalek announced that he could buy the player

The marketing value of the Argentine player, Lionel Messi, Barcelona star, Spain, amounted to 112 million euros, according to the transfer market website, in light of the announcement by Zamalek President, Mourtada Mansour, about the possibility of buying it and including it in the ranks of the white team, where the President of Zamalek confirmed the possibility of buying Messi through the Zamalek program on the Zamalek channel, indicating To the capabilities of the club in light of his efforts to serve the white castle and members.

Mortada Mansour confirmed, in statements to the Zamalek channel, the great financial potential of his club because of the new memberships, and that he can now buy Lionel Messi, the Barcelona star, and the Argentina national team.

The board of directors of Zamalek Club, headed by Mortada Mansour, determined the prices of the new memberships for the White Club branch in 6th of October City, after the Council of Mit Aqabah Castle opened the door for subscriptions in the new branch, starting from Sunday, July 12, where the headquarters of the members wishing to Paying the subscriptions of the new branch, after the Board of Directors decided to reduce the value of prices for the first 9,000 members, and Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek, confirms that the first stage of the new branch will end after 6 months..

It was decided that the club memberships prices will be Zamalek In the sixth branch of October for those wishing to pay starting from next Sunday, with a value of 60 thousand pounds for the first three thousand members applying for membership and 70 thousand pounds for the second three thousand members apply, and 80 thousand pounds for the third three thousand members apply, and thus the first 9 thousand members apply To obtain the membership of the new Zamalek branch, they will benefit from a reduction in the basic membership amount.

While it was decided that the prices of new memberships in the Mit Oqba branch starting from the beginning of August will be as follows: 180 thousand pounds for those with higher qualifications, 210 thousand pounds for those with intermediate qualifications, and 240 thousand pounds for members who do not have educational qualifications, while exceptional memberships will be worth 80 thousand pounds.



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