Learn about Shwikar disease that caused her death

The artist left our world Shwikar A few hours ago, after her gallbladder burst, which she suffered for a short time.
rupture Gallbladder A medical condition where the gallbladder wall leaks or bursts. Lacerations are usually caused by inflammation of the gallbladder, and this inflammation can be caused by gallstones. The infection can also cause inflammation that may lead to a rupture.
Wolfka Expected “healthline” if Rupture of the gallbladder You may have sudden, sharp pain in the abdomen, and the pain may last for a short time after a tear, but the pain often returns when the tear site grows and becomes inflamed or infected.
Failure to Treating gallbladder rupture To systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) within the body, if there is an underlying infection with SIRS, also called sepsis, this type of infection can be life-threatening.

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Causes of gallbladder eruption

Lacerations are generally caused by cholecystitis or acute injury.

Causes of cholecystitis leading to a rupture include:

1- Gallstones, which are the most common cause of inflammation.

2- ascariasis, which is caused by parasitic worms and can lead to biliary tract disease.

3- Bacterial infections, such as those caused by coli, Klebsiella, or Streptococcus faeces.

4- Bile sludge, which is a mixture of bile and particles that can clog the gallbladder.

Causes of a non-acute injury that can rupture the gallbladder include:

1- Car accidents.

2- Direct hits from contact sports, such as football, wrestling or rugby.

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