Learn about the secrets of the controversial movie, Adel Imam and Yousra.. Its author repudiated it and quit writing because of it!!

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The great writer and author, Muhammad Jalal Abdul-Qawi, said that he considers himself a novelist, noting that one of the great writers, said if Muhammad Jalal Abdul-Qawi had turned his series into novels, he would have won the Nobel in literature.

In a previous interview with Dr. Mohamed El-Baz, on the 90 Minutes program, broadcast on Al-Mehwar TV, he explained that he repented of working in the cinema and retired permanently because of the movie “The Mawlid.”

He continued that he had to change the end of the movie “The Mawlid” with his own hands, because the artist Adel Imam is not punished in any movie in which he appears, so the end of the movie was changed, and he became a criminal who was rewarded at the end of the movie, and then I retired from the cinema for good.

The movie “The Mawlid” starring Adel Imam, Yousra, Iman, Abdullah Farghali, Amina Rizk, Nour El-Demerdash, Samtfi Metwally and Ahmed Salama, written by Mohamed Jalal Abdel Qawi and directed by Samir Seif.

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