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The YouTube channel “Dark Side of Japan Yuki” became a trend after posting a video where he allegedly presented the story of an idol who ran away from home and is currently homeless. The description writes: “Homeless Japanese idol Eguen. She ran away from her strange family and took refuge in a shelter. But even there she was harassed and she ran away from the shelter and became homeless.».

In the first section, the former idol commented on the reasons that led her to run away from her family’s home:

  • [Así que, Eguen, te escapaste de casa, te quedaste sin hogar y te has estado quedando en todo tipo de lugares diferentes, ¿verdad? ¿Cuál fue la razón para hacer todo eso?] In May 2020, I ran away from home. But before I did, my older brother and my mother were there, and my brother had told my mother, as if commanding her, to convince me to stay the next day. I don’t know what would have happened, but I felt that if I had stayed the next day, things would have gotten really bad. That’s why I ran away from home.
  • [¿Te han hecho cosas terribles a diario?] Well… strangle me, and with the marks still on my neck, I was going to the neighborhood police station. You see, my brother is a very intelligent person, he is a graduate of the University of Tokyo, and he also has a good school record. Also, he gets along very well with people and so the police don’t think he’s bad, even though he strangled me. So they told me to get out of there. They didn’t help me at all. That’s when I knew how things would be.
  • [Entonces, ¿te atacó tu hermano todos los días?] Well, even if something like that happened, I made sure to take a pregnancy test before I ran away. And after clearing up that concern, I ran away. [Para que te hicieras una prueba de embarazo, entonces eso significa que él “lo hacía” contigo muy a menudo?] It is true that strange things happened. [¿Entonces eso significa que abusó de ti?] Yes.

After running away from home, the ex-idol reported that she stayed in a shelter, however, it seems that there were also some problems within those facilities:

  • Well, bullying in welfare places was bad. [¿Acoso? Quiero decir, ¿no es ese un lugar donde incluso los niños están protegidos?] There were families sheltering there. [¿Y también…?] Okay, yes. But… well… I was being addressed by one of the welfare directors (a woman), but that person spoke to me as if she were a child. And I thought: “I’m not a girl, what is she doing?” And after a while, he said to me, “It would be nice if you worked at the ‘100 Yen Store,'” and despite not saying anything about working at a convenience store, he went on to say, “You would have some human rights.” if you become a part-time worker in a store”. So I thought, “Ah, then I have no right. They treated me horribly.”
  • [Entonces, ¿no te trataban como a una persona? Sino más bien como un don nadie no deseado, sobre todo por la forma en que te pisoteaba.] Sure… And she even said things that were outright lies, and I was quite worried about those lies. Also, deciding where to go during the period of stay was the most difficult, because there were many factors involved that slowed down the progress of the move. Also, if your next destination had not been determined, the center would not let you leave the place either. (…) So, essentially, the director recommended that I stop and give up, which made me really think about running away. So I ended up running away in the middle of the night.

He ended by commenting on his stage as a homeless person:

  • [Para que una chica como tú se escape, en medio de la noche, y sea una indigente. ¿No fue así? ¿No te sentías sola?] No, it was nothing like that. In any case, staying at home was sadder and more painful (…) I really think that leaving my house and becoming homeless was better for me. And the truth is that I don’t plan on going home either. Staying at home made me feel ashamed, pathetic and sad. And although I have faced many difficulties while homeless, I still think that I am much better off than staying at home.

Although the channel of “Dark Side of Japan Yuki” describes describing situations about “the dark side of japan“, The truth is that viewers prefer to take the information with a certain degree of skepticism, considering the many occasions in which other YouTube channels have simulated situations with the aim of going viral.

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