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57 minutes ago

Four remixes of tracks from the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion called Shadowlands are available on the World of Warcraft youtube channel. Blizzard was probably inspired by the lo-fi music phenomenon.


  • Blizzard uploaded remixes of songs from Shadowlands and Youtube;
  • Professional music producers are responsible for its composition, the sounds were inspired by popular hip-hop lo-fi music online.

Blizzard is surprising again, but this time in a positive way. For the next eighth expansion for Wacraft World, the company has decided to upload 4 remixed lo-fi tracks to its YouTube channel, the main melody of which is based on the soundtrack featured on Shadowlands. Professional music producers are responsible for creating each of them and there is no denying that everything sounds really good – it is music that is perfect for shooting in the background, whether we want to relax or are busy with some homework.

Apart from the 4 few minute remixes (Almostio took over Sans Primus, Josh Carter tried his luck at Decadence Hospitality, Eevee got Nocturne Melancholy Dream and Aspirants Journey Doubt was reworked by Bishop Nehru) Blizzard also released a 4-hour compilation of all the mentioned tracks.. Everything was accompanied by repetitive animations that showed characters writing something on paper and lovely animals in the background.

This movement is a direct reference to the very popular lo-fi hip-hop music broadcasts, which we can follow on the YouTube channel called ChilledCow. On average, at the same time, they listened between 30 and 40 thousand users.

Internet users highly praise Blizzard’s move and highly appreciate the quality of the newly created remixes. Maybe he will make his last days of waiting Shadowlands nicer. The expansion will debut on November 23, 2020 on PC.

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