Health Learn the best exercises to maintain a strong and...

Learn the best exercises to maintain a strong and healthy HEART

Many are always interested model your body, especially with exercises that highlight the brazos, he chest, buttocks and abdomen, which you can do both in isolation and together.

While it is true in the Gym we focus on muscle groups and how to get them to their maximum expression.

But sometimes we forget about that important organ called heart.

There is no 8 repetitions per 5 series routine that strengthens our heart, there are several ways you can improve your structure and functioning.

It is important that if you are one of those who does not cardio, you should start with this new routine, but don’t try to do type training either HIIT Well, as in everything, you should start with the basics and go climbing in exercises more complex.

What to do?

It is important that you make a weekly time of at least 150 minutes aerobic exercises It can be from running or jumping rope.

Try that every time you exercise in the gym, do deep breathing exercises, and of course do not abuse stimulants, such as caffeine and energy drinks.

Start swimming, nothing can be one of the best to strengthen your heart rate and improve your health.

By: Redacción Digital El Heraldo de México



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