Learn the story of the only scene.. which leader Adel Imam regretted throughout his artistic career and wishes to delete it to ease his conscience.!! (shocking details)

Al-Zaim was born in the village of Shaha, the center of Mansoura, in Dakahlia Governorate, and moved to the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood when he was young, where his father was an employee in a government factory and lived his childhood and youth there, then he obtained a bachelor’s degree in agriculture at Cairo University.

Adel Imam’s head fell May 17, 1940 The artist Adel Imam, one of the most prominent and powerful giants of Egyptian cinema, was born. His full name is Adel Muhammad Imam Muhammad.

The leader is married to Dr. Hala and has three children, Rami is a graduate of the American University, who is also a director and musician, and actor Muhammad Imam, and his only daughter Sarah.

Acting was Adel Imam’s favorite hobby during his studies, and he participated in the performances of university bands and joined the theatrical television troupe in 1962 while he was still a university student. The roles were small, but they drew attention to his talent as a comedian.

He then presented the play “I and He” in 1962 in the role of Desouki Effendi, the attorney’s agent, with the star Fouad Al-Mohandes. Then he participated in the play “Al-Nusabin” in 1966 at Al-Hakim Theatre.

And the play of the red pajamas in 1967, then he presented the play of the rioters school, which lasted from 1971 to 1975 and is considered his real breakthrough as a theater star

Then the play Shahid Mashafesh Haga, which was shown for seven years, Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shaghal in 1985 and continued until 1993, and the play Body Guard, from 199.

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He was assigned the lead roles starting in 1972, and he became the first star of television when he presented the series Tears in the Eyes of Rude, Dreams of a Flying Boy.

At the level of cinema, his real talent, which heralded the emergence of a great comedian, appeared during his participation with the artist Ahmed Mazhar, starring in the movie (Thieves – But Cute) in 1968, where he presented his credentials as a promising star in the world of comedy.

But the post-setback period 1967-1972 took him a little while to take over the role of the only star in the turbulent political and artistic atmosphere, so he occupied the second roles and had a remarkable presence

Until his decisive role came in the movie (Search for a Scandal) in 1973 with Mervat Amin and Samir Sabry and a group of art peaks at that time, most of whom participated as guests of honor. Adel Imam proved that he bid farewell to the supporting roles

He is preparing for absolute stardom, helped by the October victory in the same year and the psychological recovery of directors and writers, and since the mid-seventies, Adel Imam has issued the championship until today.

After a long break from television dramas of up to 32 years, he returned with eight television works that were shown during the month of Ramadan in eight consecutive years, beginning in 2012 with the series Naji Atallah Band, and the series Al-Araf in 2013,

Then the series Sahib al-Saada 2014, then the Professor and Head of Department series 2015, then the series Mamoun and Partners in 2016, then the series Afaret Adly Allam 2017, the series “Awalem Khafaiya” 2018, and finally the series Valentino in Ramadan 2019.

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Adel Imam is considered the longest-lived star in terms of his presence on the screen, especially in the arena of stardom. He managed to change his artistic skin more than once,

And to remain on the throne of stardom for more than 40 years, whether in theatre, cinema, and recently television, which has returned to it strongly in the last eight years.

Imam presented nearly 200 works between cinema, theater and drama, and he only regretted one movie. In more than one press interview, the artist Adel Imam said that he regretted his role in the movie “Sayed Darwish.”

In which he presented the role of “Scientist Boy” with Karam Mutawa, explaining that he wishes time could go back so that he would not perform this role, which he sees as a failure in his history.

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