Learn the truth about a woman being drugged while leaving a school in the lake

The security services revealed the truth of what was circulated in a video clip showing a woman (a schoolteacher in the city of Kafr El-Dawwar in Beheira) being drugged by one of the women when she left the school, so she screamed and pleaded for help, and the accused managed to escape as the people gathered.

On examination, it was found that what was stated in the aforementioned video clip was incorrect, and that the fact of the incident was that on the 8th of this month, the Kafr El-Dawwar Police Department was informed by (one of the women, residing in the department’s department) that while she was in one of the streets in the department’s department, one of the women collided with her, which led to her imbalance and fall. On the ground, she ignored her during that and stole an amount of money from her handbag.

After codifying the procedures, the Public Security Sector, with the participation of the Criminal Investigation Department at the Beheira Security Directorate, was able to identify and apprehend the perpetrator of the incident (one of the women, who has criminal information, residing in the department’s department). The aforementioned video denied her knowledge of the speaker in the video clip and her lack of knowledge of the source of the information she mentioned in the clip, so legal action was taken.

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