Lease or buy a car and pay off a loan? (Law, cars and motorcycles, economics and finance)

Hey, applied for a loan for a new car. Credit of 18,000 euros

I currently have a leasing car, which will end in March 2021.

Which idea is best?

Leasing the car after the loan has been approved, I would then have to pay about 700 euros. Then the leasing is done. 17,300 euros are left.

With the money either buy a car immediately or do you prefer to lease a car?

But then I would have to pay for the leasing plus the loan

So it’s better to buy a car with the money and only pay 1 loan

or leave the money on it for the duration of the leasing in total. Leasing then goes from the path and the rest is invested in what makes sense?

If I buy the car, I can still sell the car after 2-3 years because I paid cash through the loan

am a private person have a steady income and no I don’t want to hear that a credit is bad


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