Lease to the ministries: the proposed changes to the Pnrr by today

The calendar, moreover, admits no doubts: 31 August can only be the date by which the new plan will have to take its definitive form, certainly not the start of negotiations for its modification.

Also because, as pointed out by more than one technician close to the dossier, it is the same experience of the third installment that confirms that the times of negotiation with the Commission are not short, above all in the case of a profound rewriting of the programme.

The anguish on the roadmap obviously involves in the first instance the 96 missing objectives in 2023, to which two installments of 34 billion in all are connected. The timetable envisages the completion of 27 milestones and targets by the end of June, among which the objectives already reported as problematic relating to hydrogen refueling stations for road transport and columns for electric car charging stand out in particular . But a colossal mountain to climb appears on the horizon at the end of the year, when the deadlines are 69 and contemplate, among other things, the cutting of payment times in all public administrations, the reduction of the distance between the publication of the notice and the award of the contract in tenders and the award of all public works for cycle paths, subways, trolleybuses, funiculars in metropolitan cities and for the renewal of the bus fleet in regional public transport.

In these few hours, therefore, the ministries are called to compile and integrate “the revision proposals according to the attached format for the evaluations of the control room” scheduled for next week, as anticipated in yesterday’s Il Sole 24. Complicating the work is the fact that the crackdown on timing takes place the day after the change at the top of the mission structure at Palazzo Chigi and, above all, the appointments that have invested the main companies controlled by the Treasury; in a range that from Rfi to Enel, from Eni to Terna, embraces some of the major players on the Pnrr and RepowerEu scene.

The construction site for the proposed modifications is very crowded and ranges from the start of the accounting reform to the postponement of the obligation to return within the thirty days required by the Community directives for the payments of the PA, from some railway sections to nursery schools. But what seems to lie ahead is a more radical intervention to move forward the redde rationem and the consequent request for payment of the fourth installment: because at the end of June, the deadline set for those objectives, the negotiations with the EU on the new Italian Pnrr will have just begun .

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2023-05-24 05:08:26

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