Leave a WhatsApp group without everyone knowing

The messaging app will soon allow users to leave a WhatsApp group discreetly without notifying other users. Ideal for those who want to go unnoticed. Links posted in conversations will also be enhanced with a preview.

Leave a WhatsApp group without everyone knowing
Leave a WhatsApp group without everyone knowing
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When a user leaves a conversation on WhatsApp, the entire group is notified through a notification that appears in the chat. It’s annoying both for members of large groups who sometimes receive these notifications as spam, as well as for those who want to stay low profile when they leave. Not everyone needs to know what you’re packing!

However, it will soon be possible to exit a group conversation without telling others. This is the new discovery of WABetaInfowhich scrutinizes the betas of the application in search of news.

Soon, it will be possible to leave a party without notifying other members. Only administrators will be notified. A good thing. Remember that WhatsApp allows up to 256 people in a group. Therefore, large-scale discussions are often spammed with messages like “John has left the conversation.”


In addition, WhatsApp will include another novelty in its application according to WABetaInfo: previews when posting a link. Currently only the URL appears in the conversation, so you have to click to get more information or try to guess with the text. After the update, users will be able to have a small preview, like an image, to know where they will go. Something that already exists in other messaging services, such as Messenger or Telegram, but that WhatsApp lacked.

When will these two features be available? That’s the big question. WhatsApp never communicates about new things in the future, but they should appear at some point in an update. So it was with the reactions.

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