Lebanon denies the accusations of "Israel" on arms factories and secret hiding places


Beirut: «Gulf»

Lebanese President Michel Aoun, UN special coordinator for Lebanon, Daniel Dahler-Cardel, said during his meeting yesterday that "Israeli" accusations of weapons factories and secret hideaways in a number of Lebanese locations are groundless at a time when the formation of the new Lebanese government is expected to return the designated president Saad Hariri from Paris and solve the complex representation of independent Sunni deputies, among some positive indicators to solve this problem.
Aoun confirmed that the diplomatic corps accredited to Lebanon accompanied Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil on a tour, in which they confirmed that these allegations were not true. The UNIFIL leadership also denied that there were weapons in the presence of the "Green Without Borders" organization, underlining that Lebanon is committed to maintaining stability along the border and implementing the resolution 1701, at a time when the violation of Lebanese sovereignty over land, sea and air continues to "Israel" does not comply with the international resolutions of the Security Council and the United Nations.
On the other hand, a positive indicator emerged on the possibility of dissolving the representation of independent Sunni deputies: for the first time since the outbreak of the crisis, they visited President Aoun in an attempt to rotate the corners towards the solution of this knot : the door was closed to discuss their requests. Each of them, at a time when everyone is awaiting the return of designated president Saad Hariri to Beirut this week to attend the legislative sessions on Monday and Tuesday to resume his consultations on the line of authority.
In this context, the vice president of the House of Representatives Elie Al-Farzali stressed that the Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has the ability and the desire to push to find a way out of the crisis of formation of the government, represented by the consul general of the Opposition.In yesterday said in a radio interview that the role of Basil is reconciling between the different parties according to the positions Declared, will continue with those interested in finding a solution to this node.
The head of the "progressive socialist" parliamentary party Walid Jumblatt, that Lebanon is paying the price of the double punishment, the United States and Iran, after having run aground on the international-regional line between the United States and Iran, said yesterday in a & # 39; interview that the obstruction of government formation was invented The Sunni node falls within the context of Iran's and Hezbollah's response to recent US sanctions, so the process of government formation has become a document within the framework of the conflict American-Iranian. A member of the block of the Future, Samir al-Jisr, said yesterday in a radio interview that the appointed prime minister Hariri is not a post office that receives what is sent to him, and his excuses for putting into service they are not possible at all because it is not in the interest of the country and hopes that things will go in the right way. Underlining that the only option available to Prime Minister Hariri is to maintain his position.


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