Lebanon may enter total darkness… The owners of generators set a time to turn them off!

A warning statement was issued by the Private Generators Owners Association, which stated:

Confusion, followed by confusion for more than 7 months, especially between the hammer and the anvil, on the one hand, the insane rise of the dollar, and on the other hand, the rise in the price of the fuel oil plate to unprecedented numbers.

Today, we are unable to continue performing the service and are going to forcibly stop work, within a short period of time, not exceeding a few days, and the reason is that we no longer have the money to fill diesel fuel. From here, the assembly sees the need to put an end to everything that is happening and to take the appropriate action required by the current situation, and if the situation continues as it is. We will inevitably go into the dark if there are no quick solutions within a day or two, at the latest.”


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