Lebanon's Hezbollah insists on cabinet slots for ally, issues warning to Israel


The leader of the Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah insisted that one of its Sunni allies be given a portfolio in a new Lebanese cabinet, and said it would be negotiating a government if necessary.

Say a question about Saturday, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah also warned that Iran would be responding to any attack on Lebanon and its diplomatic pressure on its rocket arsenal, Reuters reported.

Lebanon's foreign minister said last month that Israel was trying to "justify another aggression" by falsely alleging there were Hizbollah missile sites near Beirut airport.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a spokesman at the United Nations, identified he is converting "inaccurate projectiles" into precision-guided missiles. He did not provide any evidence to back that allegation.

Hezbollah is a member of the United States of the Republic of Ireland.

The International Monetary Fund said in June are needed immediately to improve debt sustainability.

Hezbollah demands that one of its Sunni should be represented in the government to reflect their election gains.

But Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri, who is Lebanon's main Sunni politician and enjoys Western backing, has ruled out any allocating seats to them.

Lebanon's political system requires government positions to be allotted along sectarian lines.

Nasrallah said rejecting a Sunni ally amounted to exclusion of a section of Lebanese.

"We were sincere when we spoke of the national unity government." "There is no national logic, or moral logic, or legal logic … for anyone in Lebanon to come out and say 'it is forbidden for the March 8 Sunnis to be represented in the Lebanese government, "Nasrallah said.

"If it is forbidden," he said, adding: "We do not want conflict, or tension, or escalation."

President Michel Aoun vowed earlier on Saturday. Though a political ally of Hezbollah, Aoun has sided with Hariri in the row.


'A feeling of defeat': Lebanon's Sunnis frustrated in the face of Hezbollah power

Hezbollah, Lebanon's first in nine years

Hezbollah's gains were marginal, the future movement.

Hariri's Future Movement lost a third of its seats. Christian and Shia representation, "he said.

In May, Nasrallah said the election in Syria and its weapons stockpile, which he says is a deterrent against the Israeli invasion, and called the result "a very big political, parliamentary and moral victory for the choice of resistance ".

Hezbollah is proscribed as a terrorist group by the United States. The group was fought in the Syrian war.

On Saturday, Nasrallah said Israel has been trying to increase pressure on the group's rocket arsenal and to create "a state of intimidation".

Nasrallah said, "I say to Lebanon. "Any attack on Lebanon, we will certainly respond," he said


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